Resin bound paving is the fastest growing external surfacing solution in the UK, with no alternative offering a comparable range of benefits. Not only is it an extremely hard-wearing surface option, offering unparalleled durability for any type of project, it also offers the advantage of a stunning warm, stone finish to suit all decorative and design possibilities.

Resin bound driveways are formed by mixing a loose aggregate with a clear resin which is then smoothed over a solid base, such as asphalt or concrete. While the strong concrete/asphalt base provides the foundation that gives the driveway its resilience, the resin-stone mix provides the attractive, seamless finish.

A key advantage of choosing a resin bound driveway is versatility and the endless possibilities they offer for customisation. Resin bound paving is the ideal choice for those who are looking to enhance their driveway, complimenting their home exterior and making it more a part of their overall property. This surfacing system provides an excellent alternative to paving or tarmac, with a wide range of resin driveway colours available, offering endless choice and personalisation to suit all needs and property styles.

Companies usually import natural aggregates, sourced in the UK from Derbyshire Aggregates and Long Rake Spar. Each of these aggregates are subtly different in colour and can be blended to create almost any colour to match your driveway’s surroundings. Multiple contrasting colours can be used to create a bespoke, innovative design, tailored to your requirements; curves, borders, patterns, and even shapes or numbers can be created. Your choice of aggregates will ultimately determine the overall appearance of your resin bound driveway. So, if you have any doubts over which aggregates to choose, you can order a sample before committing.

Resin bound surfaces are installed using a quality natural or coloured stone, along with an aliphatic binder. Aliphatic binders are non-yellowing, UV resistant binders which protect your driveway against sun damage or breakdown, preventing colour fade and maintaining the seamless finish throughout its lifetime. While it is possible to use coloured aggregates for your resin driveway, these are more commonly used for internal purposes, such as kitchen floors. The problem with installing coloured aggregates outside is that they are prone to having their colour chipped off. For example, with a black stone driveway, overtime, through general external wear and tear, the black colour will likely chip, resulting in a black stone driveway with white specks. As a result, it is uncommon to use coloured aggregates for resin bound driveways, and it is much safer to use natural aggregates. Read more about resin driveways here:

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