Let me get straight to the point. Here’s the deal. Your power station of energy lies within you – not your possessions. Say to yourself, ‘I have the power to change the direction of my Life now and avoid the biggest obstacle up ahead… Myself.’

As the greatest philosopher of our time Homer Simpson has said, D’Oh. The old formulas of past successes can be thrown out the window. Future achievers already have vision and individuals who are visionaries are what the World is crying out for right this minute.

Imagine the Media being like a double decker bus and the internet is Usain ‘Lightning’ Bolt running the men’s 100 metres final is 9.58 seconds. Picture this… the Media is desperately trying to keep up with how ‘the rules’ are changing, online in particular.

Here’s a terrific example. The JK Wedding Entrance Dance You Tube video has been viewed 21 million times. Not to mention the fact that it’s a fundraising phenomenon helping those affected by violence. What a knockout accidental global media coup. Think about it - Jill and Kevin’s Wedding has been immortalised and they’re promoting violence protection. This couple are Legends in their own Lifetime. Their video’s playing in the background as I write this. The impact for me has been that the first time I watched it last weekend was with my Family, Friends and my new Sister-In-Law to be (next month). I laughed a lot. Second time I cried a lot.
We are the Superstars of the future being created in our own living rooms. What a shift in mindset. Don’t you just love it?

Here’s another rock solid example. Ashton Kutcher won the CNN Twitter race to be crowned the first to cross the one million followers line. Like Bolt’s running genius, Kutcher’s ingenious vision was pure class.

Yet another visionary I have had the privilege of being around lately in Ireland is Helen Tonetti, Guerrilla Marketing Guru. She’s documenting how she’ll be a millionaire by next year and rustling up some prime real estate publicity into the bargain.

Become you own best World Record Breaker. People often say to me ‘you’re an amazing Teacher.’ Let’s put this myth to bed right now. I am not a Teacher. However, I do install in people tried and tested and proven systems to enable them to instantly tap into dynamite ways of exploding their Communications effectiveness. I can do this in my sleep since Media has been in my blood since I was a kid.

What lies with you is a finely tuned Communications Machine just waiting to be cranked up and unleashed. I bet there’s something you’re absolutely brilliant at that other people need to hear about - Today. What are you bursting to share? Imagine how your knowledge can help other people while enhancing your profile, career & business at the same time. Pretty amazing, don’t you think? Our economy needs people like you who choose to think outside the box. Position yourself as an Expert right now & see how your Life takes off.

So, go on, hit your reset switch. It only takes a moment. You are the Captain and Crew. What is your destination? It is always possible to Reset You Sat Nav For Life.

Author's Bio: 

Marie O’Riordan, Ireland’s Leading Accelerated Media Strategist™ http://www.66secretsbook.com