Reset for a long life, for enthusiasm, for vitality. The natural order of things is to complete life/career projects, relationships, places we live in. The natural order also has us RESTORE and begin again.

Completion is thrilling for some, depressing for others. The one sure thing is that every project ends at least a specific phase you set out to accomplish. Restoring can be a month of travel, a week at a Spa, or a weekend spent in an unusual way in your own home town. The idea is not to work and to do fun and or restful things such as: a matinee followed by an evening performance of 2 Broadway or Off Broadway shows you’ve wanted to see. Now it’s worth the money ‘cause it’s part of your vacation. Also try a Day Spa (men or women).

Take a helicopter ride out to the Hamptons or Fire Island if you live in NY, the desert or Palm Springs if you live in L.A., or ride up the coast to San Francisco. Try the equivalent of this in your own state. In Paris, enjoy a weekend of shopping including the flea market and dining. Try a wine orchard with wine tastings, or an athletic weekend both as spectator and participant. If you are really at a low energy ebb, try bed rest with a good book, take in food, light exercise, a long walk preferably in a park or near the ocean and then a massage, meditation, a yoga class/chanting, acupuncture. Energy does come back along with your sense of humor and the desire for something new to do.

Now for new Beginnings: become aware of everything that is now surrounding you including new people, new invitations, new possibilities for Projects. There are many opportunities that will be challenging your patterns which are immediately in your proximity. They may be hard to notice because they do challenge you and put you up against your usual parameters. How do you know if it’s the right path for you to take for your Life/Career project? Relationship? A new adventure? A new business or a new living situation? Does it excite you? Does it drain or energize you? Can you feel a quickening of your energy flowing? Once it feels good, even with your normal considerations about how it can happen, can you do it? Give it a solid few minutes to make sure you have a way to handle yourself (finances included).

Ready!!! Commit, get into action, observe what unfolds. Seeing the results you are getting and experiencing how you are feeling and thriving will always give you the answer.

One thing is for sure: this too will complete, you will restore and then begin again. Your awareness of this natural cycle will perhaps give you the courage to take less time floundering in between and encourage you to step out of your everyday box and be inspired to expand your capabilities and horizons.

Author's Bio: 

Sande Shurin is a 30 year veteran acting coach developed her own technique, Transformational Acting (Her first book) and has coached/directed such names as Mathew Modine, Sylvia Miles, Anthony Rapp, super model Shalom Harlow and music legend Method Man. On Broadway she directed The Price Of Genius also directing at such venues as BAM, Playwright¹s Horizons, Carnegie Hall & Lincoln Center. Her two films Museum Scandals and True Love have garnered
accolades in film festivals. She was celebrity acting coach on America's Next Top Model and cuts of her were seen on OPRAH from the TV show Faking It. She has lectured at many Universities. The results of some of her coaching has been seen in Nobel Prize winning play Anna In The Tropics and in Tony winners Gypsy, Rent, Mama Mia, The Drowsy Chaperone and Spamalot as
well as scores of films and TV shows. Shurin's new workshop STAR POWER works on the premise that anyone can be a STAR of their own life.