Albert Einstein once said: “If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live. No more bees, no more pollination … no more men!” He wasn’t an entomologist, but entomologists around the world today agree that the sudden and mysterious disappearance of bees from their hives poses serious problems!

Also we know that Bees immune system is not in good shape for last two decades. Yes, we have vitamins and medications to support them. Even with it we cannot stop or slowdown devastation.

This spring is confirming increased mortality rate of Bee Colonies exceeded 30% yearly around the globe. In Canada and USA in 2007-2009 was 35% each year.

Winter and spring mortality of Colonies is increasing drastically, when in the same time magnetic field of the Earth is rapidly decreasing.

In last 20 years Earth Magnetic Field (Geomagnetic Field) decreased the same amount as in previous 700 years.

As we know last twenty years is devastating for Bee population.


Compare that situation with our human health status – we can say that we are struggling with new and extremely aggressive health problems, human population never had to fight with. Thirty – forty years ago we had no problems on today’s level with number of diseases, allergies or disorders. Just ADD or ADHD, diabetes or cancer are a sample of it. The list is long.

My point is that it is a general factor causing all of them together.

Our body is subject to continued influence of toxic EMFs

Conservative experts exposed that today 7-15% of population in advanced countries experience serious Electro-Hyper-Sensitivity (EHS) symptoms, over 35% experience mild symptoms.

Scientific evidence links EMF exposure to many adverse health conditions and diseases. Many forward-thinking countries including Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Japan, France and Germany have taken steps to protect their citizens from harmful EMF exposure.

Current extensive research indicates that the Earth's Magnetic Field has decreased by approximately 90% over the last four thousand years (***).

“By placing the body in a Magnetic Field equal in strength to that of earth 4,000 years ago, I theorize that over-all body performance should be greatly enhanced.”
Cited from Dr. Dean R. Bonlie "BIO-MAGNETIC THEORY”

Going back to Honeybee

Scientists around the world are pointing to many different reasons causing Honeybees vanishing. They found no one single factor responsible for this situation.

With full respect to today level of knowledge I disagree with the statement …”there was no single factor that could explain the pollinators' decline”.

Let say that you found one external factor (e.g. like allergy) irritating your body when you in good health shape. What will happen when your health will decrease? The same factor will be much more annoying or even threatening you. Isn’t it true?

The same is with decreasing geomagnetic field. All living creatures on Earth are immersing in it. What will happen with all of us in weakening geomagnetic field? The answer is below.

I work for last fifteen years on the impact of rapidly decreasing magnetic field of the Earth on humans, animals and plants.

Based on my research, experiments and experience I am almost positive that I can provide remedy on the extinction of pollinators, eventually the method to recover from present damage.

In last two – three decades we observed fast degradation of any form of life. This coincidently is correlated with rapidly decreasing magnetic field of the earth.

Today we know number of health problems related to low immune system with not known causes. Forty years ago we barely heard about even single cases for most of them. Also absorption of vitamins and minerals is not as efficient as it should be. We are struggling with new and extremely aggressive health problems, human population never had to fight with.

Combining decreasing magnetic field of the Earth with instantly increasing number of EMF sources and natural harmful radiation I build theoretical model of present situation.

Due to decreased magnetic field of the Earth the whole organism functionality is decreased (Magnetic field is working as a catalytic converter) – in result we have weaker organism.

Number of electric sources is rapidly increasing – organism has not enough time to genetically accept it (also we do not know if it can in future) during around three hundred years of intensive usage of electricity. As a false interpretation – organism defense system constantly fights with EMFs using energy like in stress. This makes our organism even weaker.

Weak organism is also exposed to natural radiation (those radiation is EMF type only on sub energetic level). They were known even for ancient people in China, Egypt or in Rome. The effects of exposition to them are also known – they are the same like for man-made EMFs.

Due to cancer case related to exposition to Electro-Magnetic Fields in my family I decided my research to decrease risk or improve protection against those situations. As a result I developed Neutralizer and two other devices (recently patented and patent pending).

During research focused on influence of those devices on the health status, I observed radical improvement in functionality of each and every organism exposed to influence of those devices.

The Neutralizer protects everything from underground radiation (man-made and also controversial from scientific point of view natural type like Geopathic Stress lines, Hartman Grid or Curry Net) - stops electric radiation from underground. This allows body defense system not to be alarmed (so energy is not wasted on this fight) and body during resting time can properly regenerate energy and do maintenance tasks.

Importance of that was proven with plants, animals and humans. The results exceeded expectations.

The second device Peace Ball was design to protect people outside the protected by Neutralizer zone. The method of protection also was modified. [Neutralizer absorbs energy from electric fields in very vide range (from under 1 Hz to over 300 GHz) and discharge collected energy to the ground.] Personal device converts all collected energy into broad spectrum of magnetic pulses and transmits them spherically (send back to the body).

That was surprisingly beyond anything I expected. The whole organism functionality was enhanced. The energy level was significantly increased, also metabolism, oxygen absorption etc.

This is proving described below experiment.

Longevity experiment - insects

An interesting research project with insects has shown them to have increased life spans by 5 times when placed in an increased magnetic field approximately like 4,000 years ago (the level of magnetic energy like from my products).

Further investigations on the effects of magnetism on human cells show a two and one half times increase in longevity.

These significantly increase body health and strength and also enhance whole body functionality in addition to improved returning to normal health. This works for humans, animals and plants

How it works?

We think that Bee’s immune system acts the same way as humans (we observed the same type of reactions in plants, animals and humans).
Human’s health is drastically improved only by shielding from EMFs during night rest and is boost up by use of personal protection device.
Plants (especially evergreen) grow much faster and green accumulation is above expectation.
Animals acts the same way as humans.

It is no doubt that insects act the same way. In genetic chain insects are between plants and animals. Also Longevity experiment proved that insect’s organism is much stronger and healthier due to exposition to stronger magnetic field.
Technically it will be this way:
1. Neutralizer will provide EMFs free zone – so bees will have not disturbed resting time allowing them to gain vital energy.
2. Peace Ball will provides much stronger broad spectrum of magnetic pulses improves quality of health like in Longevity experiment.

How we apply it?

Neutralizer stops electric radiation rising from underground (both man-made and harmful natural [Geopathic Stress lines, Hartman Greed, Curry Net etc.]). It can be used to protect Bee hives. It mean that Neutralizer will be placed under the hives providing EMFs free zone.

Peace Ball collects energy from surrounding space, converts it into broad spectrum of magnetic pulses (in the range and level of bio-energetic needs of living creatures) and sent it out spherically. It can be used to increase Bee’s Immune System during the resting time in hives. Peace Ball will be located in the center of hives colony. That provide even exposition to magnetic pulses for all hives.


In the background of disappearance bees from their hives is very low immune system and luck of energy. Today’s world with high usage of electricity makes every living organism suffer from exposition to variety of EMFs.
Problem with Bees is only one from many. Unfortunately existence of Bees is critical for entire food chain. If they disappear from the Earth surface we will have no more than 4 years and most of our food sources will gone forever.
The hope is in improvement of Bees health. As we prove earlier protection against EMFs and exposition to strong magnetic field is crucial for that.

Neutralizer and Peace Ball will provide necessary condition to help Bees survive.

Neutralizer decreases the need for energy to fight with EMFs (protects again EMFs exposition)

Peace Ball will enhance whole body functionality – that gives ability to adjust, better fight health problem, better absorb food etc.

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Author's Bio: 

I was born in famous city Krakow in Poland. Here I spend my childhood and begin my education. I Graduated in Science from University in Krakow, Poland. Most of my professional life I spend in Research at Academy of Science and on varies of Universities and Scientific Institutes in Poland and Canada. I was involved in projects for NASA on University of Waterloo (Research sponsored by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada and the Centre of Excellence for Molecular and Interfacial Dynamics).
Most significant from my patented inventions and ideas are dedicated to protection against EMF and Magnetopathy. I realized that my work can change others life. That meaningful approach to EMFs (Electromagnetic Fields) changed not only my life, also improved life of many people.
I would like to share my knowledge, experience and provide new way of understanding the background of many health problems with so called unknown causes supported by my long experience.