Reputation management is crucial for any business, large or small. Even if the company does not have an individual employee who is responsible for the formation and maintenance of a positive image of the company, management is aware of the importance of the good reputation of the company and seeks to improve it in the eyes of its customers.

Thanks to the massive use of the Internet and various social networks, most of the work of reputation management is carried out online. For example, your customers will probably look for feedback about you online before they buy a product or use the services. And here it is very important to control what kind of feedback it will be.

Currently, online reviews have a huge impact on the company's online reputation.

88% of consumers trust online reviews, as well as personal recommendations,
72% of consumers say that positive feedback causes more trust in business.
Before we consider the importance of positive feedback, you need to understand what the lack of feedback at all?

If the company does not have feedback from consumers, then the person interested in its services, there is no confirmation that this is a real brand, which can be trusted.

Imagine that you have a restaurant and your potential customer is using a smartphone looking for a place nearby for a snack. Facebook or on any other platform, and about another restaurant they are.

Now let's look at the impact of positive online feedback on your business.

1. Increase in Sales.

Feedback gives customers the information they need to make a decision to buy a product or service from a business.

Today's consumer has access to a lot of information and conducts his own research before buying anything. Feedback is an important part of this study and can be a decisive factor in the decision-making process. Again, imagine that you choose between two barbershops. If both salons offer the same services at the same price and are not far from each other, the feedback will play a decisive role. The consumer will almost always choose an organization with the best reviews.

According to Dimensional Research, 90% of respondents who read online reviews make a decision to buy thanks to reviews.

2. Strengthening Customer Loyalty.

Reviews go hand in hand with loyalty. Customers who leave positive feedback about the business are loyal to it, and the chance that they will return increases many times. Think of the good reviews you've ever written as a client. You've probably visited these places quite often. The ability to write an online review allows customers to feel they have a voice. Consumers want to have feedback from the business and know that they will be heard.

3. Improving SEO and Rankings.

Online reviews are working towards improving your site's ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Yelp and so on. The more it says about your business on the Internet, the higher your search engine rating. In addition, when viewing reviews, your business site will have a constant flow of SEO keywords that will help your business strengthen its position on the Internet. These new keywords will help your site get into the search when customers are looking for a product or service that you are selling.

4. Brand Propaganda.

If you start collecting reviews, you will soon realize that they are expensive in terms of marketing. Reviews describe your strengths and benefits (which may not always be a simple marketing campaign) and they continue to work for a long time after the review is published. This helps to learn about the brand, and your customers take on the role of brand protectors. And it's safe to say that if your customers leave positive feedback, they can also recommend your business to their friends and acquaintances online.

Improving customer service.

Feedback can tell you where you are doing well and what you need to improve. By opening such feedback, your business will be able to better serve customers and thus increase their level of satisfaction. You will get an even more positive response: customers will understand that their voice is heard and taken seriously. In fact, 78% of consumers say that management surveillance in response to online reviews leads them to believe that the business cares more about them. It is important to take all reviews into account. Some companies make the mistake of reacting to positive reviews and shrugging off the negative ones. All reviews are of equal importance and should be handled accordingly.

How can you manage your brand's reputation through reviews?

With the release of Cardiff, AppGlobal can take advantage of positive feedback in its applications. Your mobile app will become even more powerful, being a constant source of online reviews.

So, how does reputation tuning work in a mobile app?

Users of the app will be asked to review your business on the most popular online review sites, including Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. We only post the positive feedback, while you can work directly with negative feedback as a business owner.

The customization component is what really sets our reputation management system apart. You can set up triggers to submit viewing requests when app users have a positive interaction with your brand. For example, users can receive a review request as soon as they use your business. Based on the user's actions in the app, you can determine when they are likely to leave positive feedback on your company.

Most companies send emails to customers asking them to leave a review a few days or even weeks after purchase. By doing this, they force customers to do the hard work, remembering the details of their latest interaction with the brand. "We already know that customer loyalty is based on making life easier for your customers, and this principle extends to feedback requests." In this way, The Reviews Campaign allows you to submit viewing requests at the right time, depending on your business.

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