Christmas, the festival of joy and celebrations for which every person waits for a year has its own importance. It is the biggest festival celebrated worldwide and everybody is crazy for it but on the other hand children desperately wait for this festival just because of lovely gifts of Santa. These children write letters and mention all things which they want and their wishes are fulfilled by their parents and closed ones by gifting the same on the Christmas Eve. But there are some children who are far away from such pleasures of life. They are the children of poor people who hardly earn their livelihood working hard. It is really impossible for such parents to fulfill the wishes of their children by making their Christmas special.

The poor children writer letter to Santa Clause to bring gifts as their parents cannot provide them gifts. Looking at such situations, the United States Postal Service (USPS) has started a campaign named “Operation Santa Clause”. Under this campaign, the volunteers come forward and read the letters of such poor and needy children. After reading the letters, they send gifts and presents to any one or more children whose letter touches the volunteer most. The objective of such campaign is help out poor children by providing them Christmas gifts of their choice.

The volunteers or elf are the kind hearted and genuine people who really want to help poor by sending gifts to them. There are various people who come forward every year to do such needful and kind acts to bring smiles on the poor faces. Generally, the addresses of the poor children who write letters, are not disclosed because to maintain their privacy. Only the USPA or other related stores can send gifts to such children on your behalf. If you also want to be a volunteer and send gifts to the children, then you can send the same to the USPA or to any online store that can send it to the particular child or children.

There are various websites available online which are contributing their best to make this campaign successful. These websites display the original Santa letters written by poor children. You can read out the letters and send gifts to the one that touched you most. If you also want to be a reason behind smiling faces of poor children then send gifts to them this Christmas. If you want to do it online, there are several websites that you can browse.

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