The various financial aids available in the market from government as well as private sections of finance institutes, banks of the country are focused to ensure that every individual gets the benefit of a good and proper life without any financial constraints.
Education Loans are one such categories of Loan that offers the easiness of continue an individual’s studies without putting much of the burden on the pocket at a one go. Within certain guidelines and rules, one can opt for education loan and the repayment can be done accordingly.
In this write- up, we will focus on detailed insight that explains the repayment of education loan and the various aspects that are associated with the repayment procedure.
There are certain different guidelines that differs when it comes to repay the education loan as compared to the guidelines of any other category of loan.
The repayment of the loan starts as soon as the moratorium tenure of the loan gets over or in situations where the student completes his study and started earning. It depends upon the individual to individual, which of the option he might opt to repay the loan.
The process
Depending upon from which bank or finance institute, you have taken the education loan, there might be certain shifting of the procedure. The time tenure as well as the monthly installments may vary in respect to the amount you have opted for loan. Here we will discuss about the generic procedure that is mostly followed for repaying the educational loan.
As soon as you opt for the loan, the bank manager will take all the necessary details as well as your active bank account. As soon as the repayment will be started, auto debit of the monthly installment will be started. It is important to stay in touch with the bank authorities to make sure that you are in a loop when the auto- debit of your loan amount starts.
In case, because of any circumstances, you are not able to pay the amount, you will be more likely charged a hefty amount for not paying on- time installments. It is important to make sure you never missed any of the installment as it might affect your overall credit score too.
As discussed above, you need to pay the amount either after the completion of moratorium period or once you landed with a good job. However, it is also evident to know that regardless of time period offered to start making the repayment, you will be getting charged for the interest as soon as your loan amount is disbursed from the bank.
The grace period given by bank to start the repayment depends upon individual institutes as well as their policies. Most likely, you will get the time period of 6 months to 12 months after the completion of the course, to start repaying the loan. You can also get the benefit of tax rebate by putting the supporting documents that state that you are having an education loan. This is the reason, many of the students avoid to pay the amount in one go. As it gives them opportunity to get the tax rebate.
If we look for the tenure of the loan, it has been observed that in most of the educational loans, the tenure is usually for a longer period. Usually, it is for 15 years that means students get enough time to repay the loan in small monthly installments.
It will not interfere or burden the finances of the students also as the amount of installment that needs to be paid off is very low.
In case, any of the loan borrower wishes to repay the loan by prepayment, he or she can opt for it also. The bank never charges any extra amount for the prepayment of the loan. However, it has been seen in very less cases that prepayment of loan is done. Among many of the reasons to not opt for this payment method, one influential reason is to avoid the taxes.
If you have opted for the customized educational loan, depending upon your requirements, there are chances that you might have slightly different interest or paying eligibility as compared to generic loan. But as a whole, more or less, same methods are used to repay the loan amount for your education loan.
It is always prudent to stay aware about the EMIs and the amount of rate of interest that you will be charged, once the loan is sanctioned to you. Be aware of any of the hidden costs or any other charges that you might need to pay with the monthly installments.
This detailed information will let you give enough time to ensure that you can successfully and evidently plan a coming financial budget for yourself.
One most important thing that should also be considered promptly, when you get the education loan is that, you should pay the loan once the grace period is over. Before the time, paying of the monthly installments can land you in great trouble.
The repayment period may too vary depending upon the worth of loan. It has been seen that maximum of 15 years’ time period is offered to the borrower to complete the loan payment.

Things to be considered
The most important thing that is generally missed by many of the loan borrowers is that interest accrued amount is to be serviced even during the moratorium period. This means no matter when your repayment will be started, you will be charged rate of interest on your loan amount from the day1.
Secondly, if you wish to repay your whole loan amount in a one go, you can do the same. You will not be charged any penal charges for the prepayment of the loan installments.
All these important information must be kept in mind before and after you opt for education loan. Make sure you choose the prompt and precise way to take and repay the education loan. This will surely help you to get an easy way to repay the amount without any hassles.

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Shipra Aggarwal,

I have done MBA in finance and have been a personal finance writer since 3 years also have worked with BFSI Industry.