Printers are the most essential peripheral components of a computer. It is an incredible device that accepts the text and graphic inputs a user puts in a computer and interprets the same in the form of information imprinted over a standard sized sheet of paper. Printers often come in a combination with computers as well as purchased as a separate. Again all printers are not of similar specifications, features or looks. These differ in variety of use, models, size, speed, sophistication, and price range. If you need high resolution color printing quality, you need to bear a considerably higher price.

Printers of HP are a leading name in the printer industry and are known for their upright and powerful performance. HP laser printer is again a trend setter in due to its excessively prominent and sophisticated quality of printouts. But other than the array of benefits a printer has to offer, a HP laser printer too gives into a procession of errors and issues that often cause the printer to act crabby. Often an online tech support gives simple resolutions and enables the easygoing of the printer yet again.

The most common error amongst the numerous others is the error that says, “Printer Cartridge Missing” in the HP laser printers. This error generally crop up owing to three probable reasons:

1) Protective tape on cartridge is not removed yet
2) Cartridge not properly placed
3) Contacts on carriage require cleaning

Whatever be the reason, one may not find it comfortable to repair the error by test and trials without a proper guidance. Online technical support providers can be an adept and apt guide at this situation. Just call them on their toll free number or chat with their tech experts over online chat boxes and your air will be cleared as to which is the perfect method to get the error fixed.

The online Technical Support providers like iGennie, one of the eminent names in the industry, foster Certificate engineers who are trained to provide the best support services for any technical issues with your computer and peripherals. They diagnose the real issue and get the issue or error eliminated from its originating point and helps your HP laser printer run efficiently thereby issuing its premium quality color printouts.

Hence next time your printer behaves cranky over an error like, “Printer Cartridge Missing”, do not worry but approach an online tech support provider and get stead fast resolution ant any point of time, any day from just anywhere throughout the world.

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