It is always difficult to decide whether to buy quality scaffolding equipment or rent one. 

If you need it for a considerable period, you can look to buy. But, if you want a cheaper option, then renting will always seem more optimal. Eventually, it boils down to your project requirement, the storage space and also the money you are willing to invest.

How To Decide?

Whether you buy your project-suited scaffolding equipment or choose the rental option- each choice has its perks. To help you decide, here are some factors which could make it easy to choose.

  • The Volume Of Scaffolding Equipment Needed For The Job:-

During the initial stages; you need to decide the volume of scaffolding equipment required for the task. If you choose to buy, then it can blow your estimated budget out of proportion as the more equipment you need, the higher will be the unit cost. 

You will even need to factor the cost of the real estate, especially since you will need a suitable place for its storage. Also, owning large scale scaffolding units will need extra manpower for its maintenance, inspection and to move the unit in and out of the storage facility. 

In comparison to this, renting suitable equipment from notable scaffolding services in Sydney does seem to be a more rational and convenient move on your part.

  • Your Experience In Handling Scaffolding Equipment:-

Whether you’re planning to rent a scaffolding unit or buy suitable equipment, having the right field experience to erect and dismantle components is important. In addition to having a trained team to handle scaffolding equipment; you also need a proper safety program. 

Before you decide, you can ask yourself these questions:-

  • Does your trained team have sufficient industry experience in handling scaffolding equipment? 
  • How much hands-on experience do they have in dismantling and erecting scaffolding equipment in the market-place?
  • Do they have extensive know-how on proper OSHA scaffolding regulations and norms?

Erecting and dismantling scaffolding equipment does require plenty of field knowledge and time. It is why deciding to rent your suitable scaffolding equipment will ensure you also get a dedicated team with lots of experience to assemble and dismantle the equipment components and cut down on your project time.

  • The Budget:-

Renting scaffolding equipment be more cost convenient than purchasing. It leaves you with savings that you can use for other key areas of the project.

Ideally, the scaffolding budgets are based on the duration of the project and the volume of equipment needed. The popular way for most business runners is to rent scaffolding equipment and services for short-term projects, say for 4-6 months.

On the contrary, if the project is 12-18 months (even longer), look to purchase the scaffolding equipment. The rental invoices/month would clear the cost of the unit. And once the work is done; you can even sell-off the unit in exchange for decent money.

You need to speak to your scaffolding service provider in Sydney about their rental rates- as they vary. If you have a situation where the purchasing cost is $50,000/trailer against $2,000/per trailer load for a span of 28 rental days- then you need to decide based on your estimated budget.

Consider these 3 important factors when deciding whether to purchase or rent your scaffolding equipment. It will help you save time and lots of money in the process.

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To Buy or To Rent Scaffolding Equipment- Which one seems more apt for you? Below lies a lucid explanation to help you decide.