So, you want to transform your life from where it is today to something much different, something you know inside that life should be for you.
If that be the case, do you truly think things out?
I am not a follower of any religion but have read many “great” books including the Bible. There is an interesting passage in Romans 12:2 where St. Paul says “They are transformed by the renewing of their minds”. It is the concept of renewal and transformation that really interests me.
Want a better life then there are some things that must happen.
We have to change our current thinking to thinking that reflects improved mental hygiene. We must build a new way of looking at things. In many ways we may be living an “artificial” life, we must be prepared to get real. We must learn what “normal” and “reality” really are. We must accept truths and find the courage to change.
So, I hope these thoughts give you reason to think, and you take the time to really think things out.
You can transform your life from where you are to a reality that is abundant. I have walked that path and did not walk it alone.
I don’t pretend to have all the answers. If this article causes you to think, and you’d like to chat and learn more, let’s talk. Maybe talking will help you think things out. ( or )

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Keith Is ICF certified and a Master Life Coach. He works with intelligent people willing to invest time and money to change.