Combat the continuous increase of energy bills. Energy prices today are soaring that's why people need to take the initiative of maximizing what renewable energy sources are available today to combat the continuous increase of energy bills.

Man's over dependence on fossil fuels has brought about disastrous consequences.  Global warming and Climate Change have been directly attributed to the release of green house gases due to the use of coal, oil and gas. Non-renewable energy sources are not effective, and cost far more than they offer in benefits.

Renewable energy sources absolutely sustain life because they do not emit carbon-based warming and harmful substances into the atmosphere. Additionally, it helps the people live an economical life by not paying the monthly bills on home energy consumption anymore.

Do you want to know what are renewable energy sources and how you can use them to produce free electricity to run your home? The truth about global warming is that it is becoming a much more serious problem that is becoming very hard to deal with today. The main renewable energy sources are examined below.

Solar, wind, and water are renewable energy sources that are friendly to the environment. With awareness to the limits of our natural resources, practically everyone is considering renewable energy solutions.

Residential Solar Power

The residential solar power makes a difference to your family and the Earth where you live in. With the residential solar power at home, you will be able to cut-off some financial expenses.

Harnessing solar power may be extraordinarily affordable if the energy system is all homemade. The storage cells can be used to store the power made during daytime and this will be still in the position to run during night or at times of the blackout.

To successfully turn your home into a residential solar power you need to be situated to a place where there is plenty of sunlight. An open space area would be very feasible to generate more solar energy.

Residential Wind Energy

At present, wind energy is used in a few places to generate electricity, and the feasibility of more wide spread application of this use is being studied.

Wind may be used as a renewable energy source. The energy that can be generated out of the wind power generators is limitless. Unlike the typical energy source produced by private companies, wind energy provides a lifetime power that you need.

Bio Fuels

Bio-fuels are also a renewable energy sources. They have been around for a very long time however just lately, people are beginning to take notice. Liquid bio-fuel which is the one used in cars is a natural and renewable domestic fuel that can only be used for diesel engines.

This can be made from vegetable oils mostly soy and corn. In fact diesel engines were originally created to run on vegetable oil! The nice thing about bio-fuels is that they contains no petroleum, and they are nontoxic and biodegradable.

The fact that we have so many different types of renewable energy sources to choose from means we can use them to our benefit. Some people have already proven the use of renewable energy sources to be very effective that's why this energy saving idea has been shared to many users nowadays.

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