There are many renewable energy options for campers these days, and solar is by far the most popular. Solar panels work best in sunny areas, but they can also be used to charge a battery pack or generator if you're camping somewhere that doesn't get as much sun. A solar-powered charger will be your best option if you need something with more power than a smaller panel. If you want to go even bigger, there are companies that offer complete kits including solar panels and batteries - all you have to do is plug it into an outlet when you're ready to use it!

Solar power has been around for decades now and thanks to advances in technology it's become one of the most reliable forms of renewable energy available. Solar panels are able to capture the power of the sun and convert it into electricity - perfect for camping trips with your friends.

Here's a breakdown of what you need when going solar:

- Panels (you can find these at Costco, Home Depot, or Amazon)

- Charge controller (this is important because it regulates how much energy goes from the panel to charge all your gadgets)

- Batteries (make sure they're charged before you go on your trip!)

- A generator that runs off gas or solar if there isn't enough sunlight available where you'll be camping. These generators have two outlets so one plugs in directly to rechargeable batteries while another has an outlet like any other wall charger.

- Solar panel inverter (this takes the power from your solar panels and converts it to 120V AC which is what we use in North America)

- A battery monitor for any batteries you have charged with a generator so you know when they're fully charged

- An extension cord or two, depending on how many people are camping together and need charging at once. Make sure that these cords come with an outlet plug already attached because if not then add one!

Now go get out there and camp under the sun! You'll be glad that you went solar powered - even when it's cloudy outside. The whole point of going off grid anyway is to experience nature without all those pesky distractions like internet this is a win-win.

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