Renewing your mind is about changing your mindset, so as to allow you to have positive thoughts towards yourself, others and Life itself.

I have learnt over the years the first and foremost part of working with each individual is to first find out WHY!!!! they want to become well and how they want to change and improve.

If I do not incorporate this then there can be a blockage in your neuro body sequence as to you becoming well, you may have heard of the term neuro linguistic programming, this is us using our brain and thoughts to program our body into what we want it to do, think and become.

So what prevents us from becoming well, why is it so! Well firstly remembering that as a Naturopathic Doctor I incorporate the use of herbal & homoeopathic medicine, nutrition as medicine (that is the use of your diet/foods in helping you to become and stay well, nutritional supplementation as necessary, body work in the form of massage and cognitive counselling that is counselling techniques to assist you to move forward with your thought processes therefore helping you to make the necessary changes with your health and lifestyle.

Did you know that every cell in your body is replaced every seven years? It’s true—at the cellular level, the oldest you get is about seven years old. I remember years ago hearing Deepak Chopra speak about this. He said that the only reason we keep creating the same body—or one that seems to deteriorate with age—is that we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again. That is because all biological systems operate according to what are called “premature cognitive commitments” to the way reality is.

So when I begin working with you, we will work out your cognitive thinking processes to give you a base and foundation to take the things I recommend, to do the things and most importantly to follow them through so as to have a lifetime of not only great health but also so that you are able to age well with the minimal amount of problems and degeneration.

So you might say how this does all work well first of all for me to be effective as your practitioner, therapist whatever you would like to call me, I need you on board, that is your thinking to believe that you have chosen not just another therapist, but a commitment to yourself to make lifestyle changes to support you. Because what you think and believe affects your very being.

This is how: Our bodies are literally created by our beliefs—and subsequently our behaviour. The famous medical intuitive Edgar Cayce said it best, “The Spirit is the life, the mind the builder, and the body the result.” Here’s how that plays out: If you believe that it’s normal to develop chronic degenerative disease as you get older, then that is likely to be your experience. If you believe that middle age begins at about 80, then your experience will be entirely different. As it turns out, our cultural beliefs about what’s possible hold far more weight than our genes. And these beliefs translate into biological realities in our bodies.

The exciting part about all this is that when you change your beliefs and expectations, not only do you attract different circumstances in your life, your biology also changes. Hormones become balanced. Stress hormone levels plummet. And neurotransmitters boost your mood. This is how Mind, Body balancing will support you.

It all starts with your habitual thoughts. Thoughts and beliefs with a high, ecstatic vibration create a flourishing life and flourishing biology. Thoughts of negativity, fear, anger, and dread create exactly the opposite. And over time, these kinds of thoughts manifest as your reality—in your body. And though it’s not possible to access and change all of our adverse beliefs in a day, it is possible, right this very moment, to use your own power to change your point of focus.

You can start right now. What is working well in your life? What parts of your body do you love? What feels really good? I know that we humans love drama. You know the old phrase about television news, “If it bleeds, it leads.” Well it’s true. But it’s also possible to enjoy lots of interesting drama in your life and still have a body that gets reborn regularly. It all depends on what you focus on. Focus on what is good and uplifting and your cells will respond. The better you thoughts get: the better your Life gets: the better your Life gets, the better you become.

This is how daily affirmations will work and support you changing negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns. You an affirmation to suite the thought pattern you want to change, read this as many times a day as possible for a month.

As I write this I am feeling younger, more alive wanting the very best for my health. My life is wonderful with warm, loving relationships that I cherish and enjoy every day.

Empowering You to Optimal Health Julie Doherty N.D

Author's Bio: 

Julie Doherty is a Fully Accredited Naturopathic & Massage Practitioner with the Australian Traditional Medicine Society Ltd.
Having completed Professional Qualifications in Naturopathic Medicine: Herbal Medicine: Homoeopathic, Nutritional Medicine: Holistic Massage Therapy: Body Work: & Natural Beauty Therapy. This has enabled Julie to follow her dream of supporting people to overcome their health issues & heal their body with the use of a combination of Naturopathic, Herbal, and Homoeopathic & Nutritional Medicines & Therapies to become well without causing further harm or complications
Julie is involved in supporting other health care professionals with treatment protocols for people who are on prescription medication, chemo therapy and other related health care procedures
Julie’s vision and passion has been & still is to assist each person to become well with the least invasive & most effective treatments. Whilst working with likeminded people.
Over the past 25 years, Julie Doherty has successfully treated & assisted people with various areas of ill health and disease from the common cold, skin ailments through to cancer.
Julie’s approach is to enable each person to have the best “Quality of life possible” whilst making your treatments effective, affordable and manageable incorporating these strategies into each person's everyday living. Respecting each person's culture and individual characteristics
Julie is a sought-after public speaker, lecturer & author providing community talks, facilitated & implementing professional related courses.
Julie is a published blogger and author who is recognized for her expert knowledge with Self Growth supporting & providing assistance with healthy life protocols.
Julie has been recognized by the Stanford Who's Who and the Continental Who's Who for her dedication and recognition of excellence as a Health Care Practitioner, Executive, Entrepreneur and Professional standards of ethics.
What makes the work of Julie Doherty stand out? The successful testimonials of her clients becoming well both-young and old, from a wide range of disease and signs of ill health: It has been commented about her humanness, her humour, her willingness to reveal so much of herself, her belief and commitment to her industry and clients, and the easy-to-understand style of her communicating and her simplistic way of explaining treatments and programs to become well. Her understanding of the interconnectedness when there is a problem with health and it is out of balance that it is never just one thing, so addressing all related causes of the health problem/problems that she addresses with you.
To complement our healthy treatment programs Julie has formulated a Skin, Hair & Body Care Range that is good for you “Just For You”, not only will it have your skin looking great, healthy & vibrant. Your skin needs to be fed good healthy nutrients the same as your body