Skin tags are generally harmless and studies show if removed generally will not cause other tags to grow. Cutting or suffocating tags will remove them. There are 3 methods of removal. Home remedies, over-the-counter products and medically. Review the three methods and decide which method of removal is best for you.

Some may argue that we are in a beauty oriented society. Even in ancient times beauty has always been a focus. Every society has its own definition of beauty but having skin tags is not included. The first thing people notice in other people is their faces. Having skin tags lowers self-esteem and confidence. Skin tags are benign skin tumors. Men and women are equally subspectable to tags. Cause is increase in weight and heredity. Skin tags are small stalk-like barnacles that grow from the skin’s surface. Generally, skin tags appear on eye lids, neck, groin folds, under the breast and underarms. Skin tags more common in middle age to 60 years of age. Children can also have skin tags well-rounded babies can develop skin tags on the neck area. Younger children may tend to develop tags under the eye lids and older children the underarms. One theory combined with weight, heredity is friction of skin rubbing against skin.

Note, in a few cases the tags maybe precancerous or cancerous. If tags appear multi- colored, are lumpy and bumpy, hurt and or bleeding do not consider any type of removal before consulting a medical doctor. I also suggest for children and babies before applying any type of tag removal consult with a medical professional. In other cases for benign tumor there are three types of removal remedies home remedies, over the counter remedies and medical removal. Tags have a negative effect in self-confidences affecting personal relationships and successful careers. There is an old saying, “When You Look Good You Feel Good.”

Home Remedies for Skin Tag Removal
• With string of dental floss or string tie base of tag suffocate and tag falls off. This method can cause pain, bleeding and infection.
• Use nail clipper of small scissors and cut skin tag off at base. Method can cause pain, bleeding and infection.
• Liquid nitrogen and freeze skin tag.
• Using electric cautery and burning tags off. Can cause infection, pain, scarring and or infection.
• Remove with duct tape.
• Natural remedy applies tea oil 3-4 times a day until skin tags fall off.
• Natural combine castor oil and baking soda. Apply mixture 3-4 times a day until skin tags fall off.

Over the counter skin crèmes
• Some skin tag removal crèmes natural ingredients.
• 3 day natural ingredients removing and leaving no scars.
• Some skin tag removal toxic crèmes.
• Some skin tag removal crèmes may have a combination on natural ingredients and toxins.

Profession Medical Treatment
• General $150.00 to $300.00 per skin tag.
• Cryosurgery or laser therapy applied by dermatologist.
• Generally, procedures can be done in one session.
• Healing time can be longer, painful and can leave scars. Consult with dermologist regarding healing time, pain and if procedure can leave scars.)
• Treatment can be invasive.

Which ever method you may choose skin tags can be removed. Why have benign skin tags when they can be removed economically, at naturally at home safely and leaving no scars? Appearance is not the only ingredents in building self esteem and confidence but it is sure a big first step.

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