To be successful in today's competitive Internet market, learning to overcome your fear of failure should be high on your training list. Seek and apply training courses to improve your personal skills, increase your personal confidence, and magnify your personal value to others. Absorb courses that teach basic human nature, and how the Law of Attraction works. Are you prospecting or networking in your business, learn to understand human nature in order to sell and explain your opportunity successfully with others.

I once had a sponsor ask me this: would you buy stock in your own company? Ask yourself this question, "Why would others want to do business with me"? People join you, not your product or opportunity. Some key points to touch on:
* You need to identify and eliminate bad habits, and replace them.
* Use strategies that work.
* Be aware of this on a daily basis.

Mention prospecting or calling a lead to most people and this usually happens, your palms start to sweat, your heart starts to beat faster, your blood pressure will rise. What you are experiencing is basic human nature….Fear. Everybody experiences this emotion, and that emotion is fear. You’re fear of failure or even success holds you back from accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Prospecting requires you to learn new skills, but first you must understand the basic human psychology. If you are prospecting or networking in your business, you need to understand basic human nature in order to interact successfully with prospects. Learn to control and recognize your fear. Why do you think, act, and speak the way you do?

The fear of success, if you are successful that means your life will change from what it is now. Most live a habitual daily existence.
*Get up in the morning and get ready for work
*Get the kids ready for school
*Make the commute to work
*Watch the clock all day, get off work
*Commute home, make dinner
*Watch TV, and then go to bed
Success in your life will change all this, are you ready for that change, and do you truly want change in your life? If you feel you are ready for success, you must learn how to adjust your financial thermostat on a subconscious level.

The next time you attend a party or function, take a close look. There are always certain people attending the event that everyone seems attracted to. A crowd will form around them, and people are intently listening to them. These people have mastered the law of attraction, and conquered their fear of failure, and other people cannot help but obey. They have elevated themselves to a position of value, other people want to be
a part of this and realize this person can help them. Want success in your business? Then you must learn this law of attraction concept, remove your fear of failure and apply it to your prospecting activities.

To overcome your fear of failure, you must become a knowledgeable provider, an expert in your field. Share this knowledge and learn to use the law of attraction. This will causes
The law of attraction to kick in and others will start to seek you out. They want your knowledge and expertise. Now you have a prospect that already trust you, use this trust
To build a relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

To Your Success,
Gerald Stidham

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Gerald Stidham
Top Internet Abundance Trainer
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