Do you love to wear ornaments? Who doesn’t! Today we like to describe the easiest way to scrub tarnish from any kinds of valuable stone. You can clean jewelry at home. There are lots of ways to clean silver. Let's have an in-depth look.

What is the way of cleaning?

1. Using a home remedy to remove light spot like soft cloth, detergent/soap, etc.,
2. Taking professional service,
3. Using jewelry cleaner at home.
Personally, I think, these are the top three methods to wash everyday jewelry.

Our favorite method

If your ornaments have a single spot, then it is ok to wipe with detergent and soap. But it is a reliable spot then this method will not work.

In this case, you should take professional jewelry cleaning service. But it is expensive, and we don’t recommend to take service because of any. 3 is a better option than this.

We recommend using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner at home. An ultrasonic cleaner can clean all kinds of the spot, tarnish from all sorts of precious metals.

The Procedure of Ultrasonic Cleaning

Its cleaning function is smooth. The ultrasonic device is the most up-to-date jewelry washing procedure. Its benefit is unique. The most important thing is in clean automatically with no damage to your valuable jewelry.

Having a personal jewelry cleaner can even get rid of the toughest grime within a few minutes. It makes use of water and mild ultrasonic waves to eliminate dirt and dust from fragile objects, and which are more likely to be perilous to clean when you use your hands. This cleaner has two parts; a small motor and a cleaning tank which can help you to function the way it does. And also, it does not necessitate a lot of electrical energy.

So Using an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner means reducing your pain in an enormous means to clean your jewelry. However, you should always be careful in using this machine, for not every type of your jewelry is suitable for it. For example, Pearls is not recommending to clean with ultrasonic technology.

How to use the ultrasonic device to wash jewelry?

It is effortless at all. At first, set your piece of silver in the basket. You can put more than one items but better clean single piece at once. Now time to switch on your machine. Oh, you can use soap or detergent too. If you like to use detergent, just put a few drops before starting the cleaning process.

Now turn on the switch. It will take a few minutes to wash correctly. Standard machine has the auto timer. By using this option, you can set the timing, and after completing the cleaning process, it will shut off automatically.

Then take the jewelry and wipe it with a soft and dry cloth. We recommend using fur-free fabric during wiping time.
Be sure that there is no more water left on your jewels to avoid a cloudy appearance of your jewelry when they are dried.

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