In India, the manufacturing industries grow fastest as per other country. The industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, beverages or any other liquid manufacturing companies need various machinery for the production. Different types of machines are used in different part of the production process. Here I mention the last and final step of producing liquid products.

In chemical industries the filter press is used in order to facilitate separation, thereby purifying a liquid. Before filtration, the chemical is in the form of solid slurry and it needs to be pure before use. To separate particles and remove solids from the liquid the filtration equipments are used by chemical industries. The filtration process as a physical operation is very important in chemical industry for the separation of material of different chemical composition. Mainly three types of filter presses are used by industries for purification of liquids such as sparkler filter press, zero hold up filter press and plate and frame type filter press. All of these three machinery works in a different manner and used for filtering different nature of liquids. These machines are made with the high quality stainless steel and have a well furnished body. All parts are connected with each other with pumps and pipe lines through welding and the whole machine is stand on stainless steel trolley. The main part of these equipments is filter media which traps the solid particles and other parts contributes equally in filtration process.

At very first, the liquid flows through a filter media with high pressure. The liquid goes from the high pressure side to the low pressure side of the filter media, leaving some material behind. This process is done by using a pump. This method is used by industries when a reduced filtration time is important. After passes through filter media the filtrate liquids arrives in shell or cup and then goes to the outlet port of the machine. In many machines, the plates are used as a filter media. At the end, the plate has to be cleaned from solids. There is different size of plates used for different types of liquid. It depends on the nature of the liquid and the viscosity of liquid.

The sparkler filter press contains horizontal plates in its structure and as explain above the filtration process is done by these plates. So, it is also called horizontal filter press machine. The another filter press machine zero hold up filter press has same structure but it works in reverse manner as sparkler filter and for that it is called reverse flow zero hold up machine. The last plate and frame filter press is different machine compare to sparkler filter and zero hold up filter. So how it is differ from first of two? We will discuss more about this machine in my next article.

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