Every now and then, through small cuts, accidental falls or scrapes; you stain your expensive carpets with your blood, and that leaves a lasting souvenir on its surface. And, when these stains are allowed to sit for a while, they can be one of the most difficult to remove. (Bummer...!)

However, as tough as it may be to remove blood stains from your carpet surface, there are some effective DIY hacks with which you can use to get rid of them.

So, if you’ve trying to remove that red-(bloody) spot from your expensive carpet surface, without damaging its fabric, here’s how you can do it.

Tip 1:-

Your best chance to clean your carpet from blood stains is when the blood is fresh or hasn’t gotten soaked into your carpet surface. Look to scrape out the bloodstain and then apply cold water over the affected area. (Avoid using luke-warm water as that can make the stain worse).

Allow the cold water to soak into the carpet surface completely. This blotting will loosen the dried bloodstain and make it easier to brush or vacuum them off.

Alternatively; you can also use an eyedropper or hydrogen peroxide over the surface deposit and then soak it in cold water mixed with a quality laundry product (preferably having enzymes). Do a normal wash.

This should be enough to remove the stain. But, if it is not, then REPEAT!

Word of advice- Never use any scented detergent when dealing with bloodstains.

Tip 2:-

You can use also use hydrogen peroxide to create a bubbling effect which is also very effective in removing tough blood stains from your carpet surface. It’s pretty easy.

All you need to do is take a clean sponge, soak up hydrogen peroxide and then dab it over the affected carpet. Let it sit for some minutes and then extract all the existing liquid using another dry sponge or rag.

Tip 3:-

However, if the hydrogen peroxide doesn’t remove the blood stain properly, then you can sprinkle liquid detergent over the affected area. Rub it gently into the stain using your finger.

Let it sit for a while and then wash the area properly using cold water. Extract the liquid using a dry rag. This should help you remove the existing stains.

However, If They Still Exist, Then Look To Schedule An Appointment With Reputed Cleaning Company.

They have the tools and the expertise to treat any kind of tough stain from your expensive carpets and restore its shine- like before.

The ideal choice would be to opt for companies who deliver deep carpet steam cleaning services in Melton at budget-friendly rates. These specialists will come over to your house and perform a pre-cleaning inspection of your carpet.

Depending on the stain and condition of your carpet, they will:-

  • Enzyme-pre-treat your carpets.
  • Perform a hot-water extraction treatment.
  • And even vacuum and groom your carpets.

If requested, these professional carpet cleaners serving Melton will also give your pricey carpets a deodorising treatment to remove any existing obnoxious smell from it.

To know more details about removing tough stains from your carpet surface, find a reliable cleaning partner and speak to them in details. They will be happy to help!

Author's Bio: 

The author Daniel Pansino specialises in carpet steam cleaning services in Melton and over the years has catered to numerous household requests. Also, being an industry expert, the author knows about other carpet cleaners serving Melton.