The internet has revolutionized the world and all aspects of our life. The way we spend our time, the way we study, the way we have fun and of course the way we work. At, find the best matches remote work, build your portfolio and professional connections, and test new ideas and products.

A few years ago it would be unthinkable to have thought about remote work and all the possibilities it opens up for humans. But today it is not a utopia but a reality. There are millions of people around the world who work with their computers. They only need an internet connection, to work from home or traveling around the world.

Some mothers earn a salary working from home. Also, entrepreneurs who work part-time remotely while they carry out their business idea.

The technology before exclusive use of companies and a lucky few is widespread. Today in developed countries it is completely common for almost all adults to have a smartphone, a tablet, and at least a couple of computers.

Remote work is a fabulous option that fits into our lives so that we can work to live and we don't have to live to work. However, it is something relatively new and many people would like to start in this exciting world but do not know how to do it.

Also known as telecommuting, remote work, online work, or work from home, this is what we call work that is done in a place separate from an office. Remote workers do not have a physical job, and in many cases, their company does not even have a location in the real world, they only interact with their company and coworkers through remote means, such as the internet or by phone.

If something is clear to us, it is that remote work is not a fad. Many believe that it will be the future and many others are already putting it into practice. Even, many companies have established partially remote working hours and the results of both productivity and satisfaction level are encouraging.

The first advantages of remote work are obvious: saving time and costs. But is it viable and beneficial? A study by SonicWall finds that 76% of employees who work remotely think they are more creative at home than at the office and 26% consider themselves more motivated to work. Additionally, 61% of bosses believe remote workers are more productive. It seems that the digital economy and remote work have more advantages. Let's see which ones:

Time-saving: in big cities, trips from the usual home to work and vice versa can cause us to lose up to 3 hours a day. Imagine being able to use these three hours to exercise, be with your family, or simply watch your favorite series.

Cost savings: think about all the expenses you make associated with your work outside the home. Gasoline, clothes, meals outside the home, dry cleaning ... and surely you have long etcetera.

Greater flexibility of schedules: for many, it is the great advantage of being able to work from home. Many women make their schedule coincide with the time that the children are in school and in this way reconcile better work and family life, other people prefer to work at night and others get up very early to be able to rest the rest of the day. Whatever your preference, thanks to remote work, you can do it.

More job opportunities and talent: you no longer have to look for work only in your city, the world will be the limit. Similarly, companies can hire the talent they need wherever they are. Globalization has entered the world of work thanks to the possibility of working remotely.

Collaborating thousands of miles is possible: there are many technological options for collaborative work. Working while traveling or from remote places does not impede carrying out a project in collaboration with other people.

Improvement in quality and lifestyle: when work limits our time and forces us to be in one place for 8 hours a day, it is difficult to lead the lifestyle we would like, but working online if it allows us. Digital nomads have managed to work around the world while performing their tasks as a freelancer with the only help of a computer and an internet connection.

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