Psychics do not need formal training to transmit and receive information through telepathic channels. It is evident that sick people recover miraculously thorough faith healing than other patients in the same hospital ward. Similar research done for the psychic society concurs that remote viewing is a mysterious fact.
Accepting psychic remote viewing
Many people, who practice meditation in groups as well as spiritual churches, give remote faith healing towards specific needy people or even towards the world at large. The mission is to give good will to the recipient and this is achieved through chakra mediation and visualization. This is a process that gathers energies from around us and is transmitted to the targeted party.
Mediums explain that there is a different form of reality where spirits give us details of which fate may be in store for us. This is reality that is boundless and timeless. Remote viewing is made possible by a serious concentration from the telepathic. This connection gets even more intensified when the recipient concentrates their energy back to the giver who is the psychic.
There are numerous mystical activities that are accepted like the yogi meditation, lucid dreaming and outer body experiences. They are evidence of a different reality where ones spirit can go anywhere and interact with other spirits from the past. In this context, reality is non existent in the way it is normally perceived and a journey through space is possible by simply concentrating on a particular place.
In actual sense, remote viewing is more common that normally thought within the human physical boundaries. Many religions have believed this fact. This is because of the advances in quantum mechanics and neurology and not jus the psychics work.
Remove viewing studies
The idea that we do not have to be dependent on skill or physical strength would make technologies irrelevant. This has resulted in many people resolving to study this arena and how the psychic phenomenon manifests itself within human beings. While many tests are being developed by individuals interested in studying the psychics’ phenomena.
The most studied form of parapsychology is telepathy, which is the ability to communicate from one mind to the next without using any conventional communication modes or precognition, and prediction of future events. It is believed that many parapsychologists have made good progress in these studies and have proof of human beings having psychics’ abilities; however they are faced with immense criticism from skeptics.
Remote viewing which is the ability to use psychics’ energies to see something that cannot be seen normally. The object may be invisible because it is too far or it is hidden by another objet. For example knowing what cards someone in another room has picked.

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Rachel Ann writes for the psychic & metaphysical arena and is a reiki master.

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