Remembering She

She who has a thousand names

Whose face is often unseen

She whose voice whispers to your heart and soul

She who visits you in dream

She who is your Mother/Father/God/Source

She who is All that is

She who is reflected within the hearts and minds of humanity

She who takes you in the darkness of night

She who causes you to question


The nature of reality

She who breathes you into life

She to whose arms you will return

She, the creatrix of life everlasting

Forever loving

Forever creating

Forever dreaming you,

Breathing you,

Waking you up

Putting you to sleep

She who lifts you up

She who pulls you under

She who is you

As you are She

As you dream her

Breathe her

She who loves you so, beloved

Remember She

As She remembers you

Entwined Beloved

Betwixt and Between

Forever Entwined

Within the spiral of life

We Are She

Copyright Kimberley Lovell 12/11/2018

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Author's Bio: 

Kimberley Lovell empowers women leaders worldwide to step into their presence, purpose, power, and prosperity as they transform the world. An intuitive transformational Life/Business Coach, Spiritual Teacher, with a 30 year background in Transpersonal Psychotherapy/Hypnotherapy, Kimberley blends cutting edge energy healing and quantum healing modalities to bring forth your gifts and greatness in the world.