No one can ever take away your divine inner essence but you can give it away by allowing energetic vampires freedom to lurk around in your life- Sharice Harris

They can be physically, emotionally or verbally abusive or they can taunt, smirk, sneer and laugh at you for opening up and speaking your mind lovingly. They are called: ‘Spiritual Bully’s’ because they see Love and optimism as signs of weakness and they often attach themselves to people who do Love in order to get more energy.

These energies/persons usually in some form of authoritative position are petrified of being judged themselves, so instead of being judge they often choose to play the judge themselves and when they do, they will usually drain any source of inner beauty and optimism they can.

They are often your boss, your parents, your spouse, your mother-in-law, your siblings. They are often those that are the closest to you or people that you come into frequent contact with.

Believe it or not ‘Spiritual Bully’s’ even lurk in self-help/personal growth groups. They call themselves realist and you can spot them quite easily because they never come around to say anything good but they are always on time when they feel like you made a mistake or whenever they find an opening to ridicule or spread their cynicism.

Here are some signs that a Spiritual Bully is draining your energy:

1.) You feel tired, drained and unmotivated to wake-up and live your passions.

2.) You have an odd mental chatter, which I refer to as thinking from more than one mind.

3.) You feel scared, uncertain , indecisive or insecure about sharing what you’ve learned from your own life because you’ve been thinking and listening to more that one mind, usually the Spiritual Bully’s mind which taughts, nags and drains.

4.) You've been exposed to indirect comments that are rude and draining in nature and even though they would like you to think that that person who sends out the draining energy was talking about someone else, your intuitive self keeps telling you that they are talking about you and you can sense that in some way that their putting you down seems to motivate and empower them.

If you feel any of the above, then you are most likely being drained by a Spiritual Bully. Here are a couple of steps you can do to take your power back!

1.) Cut Them Off A.S.A.P.

This is often a very hard task for people who are really loving because we really like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt but the truth is that you can see whose giving and whose taking by the way they interact with you and others. I’ve seen so many positively loving good people get the life sucked out of them because simply they don’t want to be rude or hurtful! If you find yourself faced with this scenario or a similar one, ask yourself the following:

“What's more important to me? Myself, or what someone else thinks?Would you I rather loose that person who's draining me or loose my natural zeal and excitement for life?”

If you cut-off a spiritual bully they will be forced to look at themselves and that’s something they’ve been avoiding for a long time now! They will most likely move onto the next weakest ‘nice person’ they feel they can find.

2.) Inspire Yourself!

Every thing we experience even crossing paths with energy vampires/bullys is all a learning lesson toward wisdom! Before we can inspire anyone else, we must first call our power back and learn how-to rise above lower level energies that drain and take, take, take. It’s easy to be a giver instead of taker but in order to do so, we must foremost learn how-to feed our soul’s purpose! Fill your divine cup or body up everyday with genuine feel good inspiration! The kind tof positive Love and light that helps you transcends lower level thinking such as doubt and fear. In order for this to work you should commit to least a minumum of 15-30 minutes day. You owe it to yourself!

3.) Transform that Vampish Energy!

You heard me! This is the fun and transformational part of taking your power back! Take that very same vampish/bully energy that caused you so much confusion and loss of energy and turn it into spiritual fuel you can use!

That’s what light workers like Jesus and Buddha did and that’s one of the lessons they came to teach us! That’s also why they always were shrouded in light. Light workers attract these troubled souls, mainly because troubled souls really do get sick of being around themselves.

To start the transformational process, follow the steps above but more importantly start expressing your authenticity in whatever unique form it is!

If it’s writing about your favorite subject: Write! If it’s dancing: Dance an ensemble that expresses what you went through! If it’s singing: Sing about how you overcame that drainage. If it’s giving Love and inner peace, revel in being around soul’s that emanate and RECIPROCATE that inner peace and Love! These spiritual vampires/bullys would like for you to believe that everything you are doing is a hopeless waste of time and that your really off course but the truth is that your transforming that draining energy into inspiration will inspire someone else you meet down the road in life! So at the end even coming across them was never REALLY a waste of time. Just another lesson learnt!

Lastly, if you stick the 3 steps above, You’ll notice that the people who are left around you are also inspiring givers! You will be steeped in inspiration naturally and spread Love and compassion easily.

Remember spiritual vampires stick to habitual safe zones with other lower level energies that also take, take, take, that's where they can safely rant, taunt, rave, ridicule and degrade openly and freely. They can’t touch the what’s in the light and expressing yourself in the light of Love is your birthright!

It’s actually your very reason for being and anyone who makes you feel less than doesn’t contribute to your true loving divine purpose!

Why not start early and make this ‘2013’ New Year a restorative year? Why not surround yourself with beings who also Love easily and live in the light of Love? Resolve to Allow Yourself to Live, Love and Be As Happy As You Want! Choose to live a Life that You See Fit! If you don’t, who else will live your life for you?

Author's Bio: 

Sharice Harris is a charismatic spiritually focused philanthropist, school owner, author, entrepreneur, sexual abuse advocate, homeless advocate, animal advocate and avid traveler. Sharice is currently working on first personal growth book entitled: 'A Permanent Summer'. This thought-provoking and illuminating read clearly explains how-to fully comprehend the innate wisdom our fears are really trying to teach us.