"Confined beliefs cannot create a spacious life."-Vernon Howard

Have you ever been around someone who is smug, self righteous, and a full of themselves. They leave a bad taste in your mouth like spoiled milk. On the other hand, someone who remains teachable and childlike is like a breath of fresh air. They are approachable, easygoing, and there is simply a lightness of being when you are around them, rather than a heaviness.
Even though I have been studying and teaching yoga for over eighteen years, I feel as if I am a beginner. I keep learning, studying, and keeping my mind open to new and fresh ideas, perspectives, and ways of looking at my passion and hobby with a “beginner’s mind”.
I learn from my students, my fellow new and established teacher’s, and even my little cockapoo.With an open childlike mind, my yoga practice rarely feels stale and is often void of stagnation. I encounter my teacher’s in all walks of life in varied circumstances, situations, and usually when I least expect it.
I invite you to remain open! Open your mind, heart, and soul to everything and everyone around you. Become open to learn from a sunrise, a teenager’s ideas, a different cultural perspective or even food, or unfamiliar music. Throw away skepticism and allow a fresh, vibrant, and innovative new way to look at the world and your life! Expand your experiences by touching, feeling, hearing, and seeing your world as if it were for the first time.

Author's Bio: 

Susan Foxley is a yoga teacher, life coach, and therapeutic bodyworker and currently resides in Santa Monica, California. She has been teaching and studying for over 18 years in both India and the United States. Feel free to check out her website at www.susanfoxleyyoga.com.