“When you have come to the edge...and are about to drop off into the darkness of the unknown, Faith is knowing...that there will be something solid to stand on -- or you will be taught how to fly.” Patrick Overton

When life’s circumstances seem overwhelming, when life has got us down, we often wonder: “Why is this happening to me now?” We are confused. We question our possible role in the situation. Did our behavior directly or indirectly cause this? Or is this due simply to a random series of events? Why is it that we seem to encounter similar difficulties over and over? Try as we might, our problems appear before us against our wishes. And these troubles even appear to occur in groups - one thing right after the other. What exactly is going on in our lives? How can we avoid or at least minimize our troubles?

Yet when times are good – we often don’t pose the “why” question, but when times are not so good, we do. In times of turmoil it is time to reach out and it is time to reach up. It is impossible to figure out the real reason why things are happening in our lives. It is impossible to identify specifically why things are happening to us and the world around us at a particular point in time.

The one constant that you can rely on is faith:

Faith is a very powerful force
Faith focuses our attention
• Faith changes our perspective
• Faith soothes our feelings of powerlessness
• Faith provides a safety net to stop the free fall
• Faith can bring you peace.

In times of need, you are not alone; faith can build a bridge to see you through. Faith can help to you overcome difficult obstacles. Faith takes practice, so there is no better time to get started than the present. Faith has the power to guide you: it is there when you need it. According to Kahlil Gibran: “Faith is knowledge within the heart, beyond the reach of proof.”

Faith has the power to guide you in your life’s journey. No matter what is happening to you, faith can show you the way. Whether you reach out to God or you follow your Higher voice, the power of faith can guide you and help you to stay on the right path. Faith helps you to chart your course when things don’t make sense. Faith has the power to calm the stormy seas in your life. Faith is a life line. Faith is a beacon in the darkness.

Paradoxically, reaching out for help via your faith is a sign of strength, not a sign of weakness. Let your faith guide you in making your decisions and in selecting your choices. Connect with your faith and make it stronger over time. Lay a solid foundation of faith and build upon it. Spend the time; see the awesome power and benefits of faith.

Three-Step Call to Action

Over the next week:

1. Reconnect with your faith by identifying a routine practice to engage your faith.

2. Embed your faith practice into multiple parts of your life; stay with it and be patient. Profound faith will soften your stance.

3. Rejoice for your blessings and assess your troubles in an altered perspective. Continue to build upon your foundation of faith and live in peace.

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Donna Marie Thompson is a survivor of a triple tragedy where she lost her mother, her man, and her money - all within a matter of months. She bounced back - largely through her faith.

Her blogs focus on Faith & Forgivensss, Happiness & Joy, Living Your Values, and Hope and Help.

She is a Certified Professional Coach and a Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index.

She is co-author of the book: Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times (March 2010). She is author of the book: Bouncing Back From Loss (August 2010)

Website: http://www.BouncingBackFromLoss.com