Unless you’re someone who is blessed with the gift of immaculate organisation skills and the power of a good memory; you will likely err on being forgetful. More so, when you are involved in a big life event like a stressful and time-consuming relocation.

Truth is, no one likes that face-palm situation which happens when you are unpacking your items and realise that you have forgotten something important. Here’s a take on those items which you are likely to forget packing when relocating to your new home.

  • Household Tools

Such tools mean- hammers, screwdrivers, measuring tapes and flashlights. Now, if you have ordered fresh furniture to your new residence, you will be disappointed knowing that you left your household tools at your old residence.

Another reason why you may forget them is because most people work with them in their garage and forget to take it back when packing. One way to remember is always keeping them together in a toolbox and put it safely somewhere in your home (after use) so that you can notice them when packing all your items.

  • Keys

Ranging from small-sized PO box keys to keys for your parent’s home- there are tons of different keys which will be present all over your house. And since they are not kept in one place, there is always a chance that they will be easily forgotten during packing. 

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, thoroughly check for all those keys in your house and when found, keep them inside plastic zippers labelled as ‘Keys.’ 

  • Chargers Or Extra Plug-ins

You have a dozen orphan chargers and plugins stored away at different corners of your house. And although you may not have the time to sort each of them; you can certainly pack them away in a separate box and label it accordingly for your remembrance.

The last thing you want is to find out that your spare phone charger was left out in the second drawer of your old place.

  • Stuff That Belongs To Other People

It’s bad realising that you have left behind a few of your stuff. But when those forgotten items are your neighbours or friends’, there is no worst feeling. 

  • Did you forget your friend’s scarf that you took a few weeks back?
  • Or, your neighbour’s tray?
  • Or your ex’s book which you intended on returning before the move?

If so, then you know what they will tell you. The smart thing here would be remembering to return all the stuff which belong to other people before you sort out your house items. In this way; you can save yourself from the stress and tension of items left behind.

Now that you are well informed on possibly the four items which you could forget during your move, be sure to box them up and ready them for the move beforehand. Removalist companies in Sydney always recommend sorting out items which you may or may not take with you. And that also includes items which are not yours or which you also use outside your home (such as your garage).This way won’t run the risk of leaving them behind when you move over to your new residence. 

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The author works in one of the top removalist companies in Sydney for years. And being a part of reliable removalists serving Parramatta and other suburbs in Sydney, they cater to all types of interstate, home and office removals.