Welcome to Ramshot Powder's reloading data blog. Our goal is to provide helpful information and advice for shooters of all levels, from recreational shooters to professional competitive shooters. We offer a comprehensive range of powder products that work well in all powder filling machines, and our dibasic ball powders are characterized by excellent batch consistency. With this information at your fingertips, you'll be able to make accurate shots and consistently achieve top performance. Thanks for visiting Ramshot Powder!

Ramshot load data is the leading manufacturer of ball powders for handguns, including the highly successful Dibasic Ball. We also make powder for cans, and in a wide range of other applications.

Our customers have helped us build a superb product portfolio and we continue to invest in research and development to ensure our products are the best they can be. This is why we continually update our products to ensure they match new market demands while still maintaining the levels of quality that Ramshot Powder has become known for.

The right powder for every shooter

On the other hand, we need to ensure that every shooter has the right powder for them. Ramshot Powder provides the perfect solution to meet this challenge.

With our range of powders, shooters can choose exactly what they need: a lightweight powder for fast reloads or low-cost powders for long term storage. We are here to help you cover all your bases with a wide variety of ammunition for your rimfire or centerfire rifle or handgun.

At www.xxl-reloading.com, we understand the importance of ammunition in your shooting experience and that's why all our products are designed with shooters in mind.

Our extensive product range gives every shooter a choice to find the perfect ammunition for their shooting needs; whether it be loading data, pricing data or even training videos! And all of this is done with our focus on customer service and speedy delivery.

We believe that with Ramshot products you will always be backed up by a solid foundation – we believe in building long-lasting partnerships and customer loyalty while at the same time putting customer interest first. At www.xxl-reloading.com Powder we think "bout doing right by you" starts right here and now!

Ramshot ball powders

The most diverse requirements from recreational shooters to professional competitive shooters is a major challenge. There is the right powder for every shooter with Ramshot reloading data ! From handguns to gunpowder for cans, the dibasic ball powders work well in all powder filling machines.

Powder filling machines

Ramshot powder fills every need from recreational shooters to professional competitive shooters. From Match/High Power to Tactical, our powders are the right choice for any shooter.

Looking for the perfect powder for your shooting needs? Look no further than Ramshot! These dibasic ball powders are known for their excellent batch consistency and accurate performance. Whether you're a recreational shooter looking for an affordable powder solution, or a professional competitive shooter who wants the best quality possible, Ramshot has got you covered. So what are you waiting for? Load up with ramshot reloading data today!


To get the most out of your reloading data, you need a reliable way of organizing and communicating it. One thing you can’t do is use spreadsheets. They are bad at solving real-world problems, particularly when they’re used to create a big spreadsheet with lots of columns.

If you are not sure what sort of products will work for your needs, check out the best places online to find out more about reloading data tools and hardware. There is always more than one provider and they usually sell different brands within their products sell bulk powders, another might sell single-shot reloading dies etc.

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