Some people eat pizza because they love cheese, while others eat pizza because they can’t resist the tempting toppings, but my 5 year old son recently gave me a newfound reason to have a pizza every once in a while. He says dad I eat vegetables on a pizza and being the parent of a fussy eater this was a good reason for me to order one.

After all, deep down, my heart knows how much I love it too, but seeing your kid enjoying something you are also crazy about an experience of lifetime. With pizza I knew I could re-live my childhood again. Opening a lions mouth to take the biggest bite, creating longer ribbons of cheese everytime you dig into your slice, spilling the golden corn form the topping, feeling the flavor blasting in your mouth and then leaving you wanting for more is what pizza treat is all about. As a child I used to playfully eat my slices of soulful heaven quickly and try to grab my sisters’ share to leave her complaining.

I was suddenly missing my childhood so I decided to call my sister for a pizza dinner on the weekend. She was amazed at the idea, and was promptly at my place before dinner time. We together decided the toppings and the best part was that she decided the pizza we mostly had as kids, the plain cheese margarita. Since it was special dinner, we decided to order the most delectable ‘choco lava cake’ oozing with liquid chocolate as you dig your spoon to scoop it out.

Finally I accessed to place our usual delicious order and the surprising we discovered that the day had an amazing offer of BOGO pizza. We could get two pizzas at the price of one or as the usual discount fan can understand BOGO is Buy One Get One Free. So we ordered one pizza and got the other one free of cost. We felt blessed, as if some teenagers have enhanced the value of their pocket money and they will now enjoy more in less price while also creating some beautiful memoirs.

This was another reason to celebrate and made both me and my sister happier, just the way we used to be happy using food coupons we often received at bookstore while renting or buying books and comics.

We ordered and continued recalling our memories, the way we grew up, playing together, drooling over the mere thought of aromatic pizza; planning to convince mom to order it; grabbing the pizza box; fighting to eat the last slice in the box and so much more.

Finally the doorbell rang and we both hurried to grab the pizza, the laughter echoed in the room as our children were absolutely flabbergasted at our behavior. We loved the pizza, stretched the cheese ribbons and enjoyed every bite of it. I believe this kind of occasional stir of emotions is important as it elevates your soul and strengthens the bonding in relationships.

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The author is a pizza enthusiast and loves reviewing different pizza joints and sharing the experience with other food lovers who live to eat. He has an expertise in not only exploring various flavors of toppings from different brands but also baking the pizza and experimenting with the ingredients.