The fervour of celebration is apparent all over the world as countdown of Easter celebration is going to begin from 22nd February, which will continue till 8th April. Easter Day signifies the day when Jesus surpasses death and his resurrection is a symbol of his eternal life. This auspicious day also holds a great importance because resurrection of Jesus indicates that he was really the Son of God. Day of Easter starts from movable feast (fast) day of Christians that ends after forty days. Moveable feast day is also named as Ash Wednesday as fasting procedure commences with the placing of Ash on the forehead of adherents as a symbol of mourning. The week in which this fast ends is called holy week that includes Good Friday and the last day is called easter sunday. End of Lent comprises fasting, prayer as well as Penance.

Zeal of Easter without Easter Basket cannot be imagined. The idea of these baskets has originated from the Judeo-Christian culture and tradition where these were used as a pagan customs. Beautiful and appealing baskets are prepared as well filled with jelly, chocolates, and candies particularly, having the shape of egg. Presence of plastic eggs with other eatable is also very common. Earlier, the tradition was to celebrate Easter festival with original chicken eggs but today they have been replaced by chocolates or other eatables. Eggs signify the idea of rebirth and creation, hence are popular on this occasion. Celebration of Eater day remains incomplete and dull without the presence of yummy Easter Cake. There is a long list of cakes which can be used on this occasion including bunny cake, nest cake, floral cake and many more. Bunny cake is to impress kids; floral cake denotes the blossom of spring and strawberry cake is preferred for fabulous tasting. Moreover, these cakes are significant on the Easter Day and play a vital role in Easter celebrations. In modern era, carrot cake is also there to maintain the nutritional and healthy twist while maintaining the taste forever.

Every event requires some kind of popularity then why not Easter Day. On this occasion, it proves to be great for churches to have an appealing and attractive Easter Banner. Having a fabulous banner is a great idea to greet the crowd at the church. Visuals turn to be more informative than a text and text seems incomplete without visuals when it comes to publicize something. A perfect blend of text, visuals and colors would be very useful to create a banner that is capable of attracting more people to the celebration. Thus, the message of Jesus rebirth is imparted all over the world in an effective and cheerful manner with the help of these forty holy days that start with Ash day and the continued fasting ends on auspicious Sunday, i.e., Easter. Inclusion of attractive banners, beautiful baskets and mouth-watering cakes fills zeal and enthusiasm in the celebration of this occasion.

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Celebrate this easter daywith some new festive ideas that can be joyful for you and your family. Find some easter cakes ideas to plan for celebration accurately and get also some easter baskets ideas.