"Our plans miscarry because they have no aim. When a man [woman] does not know what harbor he is making for, no wind is the right mind." - Seneca

Many people understand the importance of having a plan or setting goals, but what do they do with that information? Or what is they are not doing with that information?

What are some of the reasons vision planning goes wrong?

Goals not written down
Why is this important? Why do people always stress the importance of writing down goals? Writing your goals down starts the process of getting your dream, your goals, your vision out of your head. You must SEE with your natural and mind’s eye what it is you want to achieve.

Unrealistic deadlines
Wanting the goal to happen overnight is unrealistic. You can’t set a goal to lose 40 pounds in one week or to run a marathon by the end of the week if you haven’t even started running. Achieving your vision plan will take some time, so don’t set yourself up for failure by creating unrealistic deadlines.

Unclear motivations
Your vision plan must be meaningful and significant. This goes back to understanding or discovering why you want what you want in the first place. What is driving you? Make sure you really do want what you say you want.

Lack of action
Of course we know writing goals down is only the first step, but things won’t just happen. Creating your plan will give you direction.

Lose focus
Get distracted by life’s circumstances and then give up, get discouraged.

Don’t follow through
You cannot start the process and then stop. It’s an ongoing process — the pursuit of bringing your vision into reality. You must use or develop your life’s plan as your guide or road map to your intended destination.

In the class, Creating Your Life's Vision Plan, we talk about the challenges or obstacles people face when they have a vision, dream or idea for their life; discovering what keeps them stuck so they can get the vision out of their head and into reality.

One way to release what keeps you stuck or overwhelmed by the thoughts you have for your life, the things you keep in your head, is to have an approach, process, or system to getting outside of your head. What overwhelms people when it comes to their goals is that they are unsure of the process. Maybe this approach will help or at least give you some ideas on how to develop a process.

In class, students discover a 7-step process to approaching their vision, dreams or goals. Here are the first three steps. To learn the entire process, be sure to attend our workshop.

Vision Planning Process

Step One: Decide what it is you really want.
Step Two: Visualize the end result or the big picture.
Step Three: Establish your goals.

Most people never even start a process or action to reach their goals or vision. As a result, they never see their vision turn into reality.

Decide how important it is to see your vision become reality, create a plan and take action!

With definiteness of purpose
Gwen Thibeaux

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Gwen Thibeaux is a motivational teacher, speaker and author of “Embracing the Greatness Within: A Journey of Purpose and Passion.” Gwen is also founder and director of EYG Academy and Training Institute which provides workshops, programs and services that inspire performance improvement, leadership development, change management and personal development. For more information, visit http://www.embracingyourgreatness.com/. Need a speaker or want to bring a workshop to your group? Call 888-319-6343 or send an email to admin@eygacademy.com.