It is sometimes difficult to trust your inner self when as a child you were taught that your parents know more than you and you have to listen and follow and you felt what you thought was not important only the elders knew more.

Deny your feelings

Forget about you having to eat certain food because you had difficult with it in another life or it gives you gas or it just does not react well to your body or you don’t like it “I am your parent and I know what’s best for you and I will not start cooking for every child in the family, you have to eat what I cook” may be the answer and so you deny your feelings because the adult knows more than you about your likes or dislikes.

The child is unable to say

Forget about what you want to wear at kinder garden “you are too small to know or tell me I am the parent and you have to follow what I say.”

The child is unable to say “the clothes itches my skin or I get tease from other kids or I cannot play easily in these clothes or I simply do not like it for this would be going against the parents wishes, their time and what they are able to provide.”

Your parents work

Your parents work hard for their money and you “should” appreciate all they do for you and not say a word because that would show that you are ungrateful, no matter how much you are hurt, bear it.

As the child grows up they have heard by society “learn to trust yourself” yet the foundation for trusting was not welcome or nurtured and from this point forward the person starts saying to themselves “I am going to trust myself starting with my body I feel like eating ice cream each day or have wine everyday because I was told it is good for you and I trust what I feel.”

Mixed messages

As you move through the day you have mixed messages within and you ask yourself who I should trust the outside world or what I feel from within.

In many instances you may trust another person easier than yourself because your foundation was always on your parent, someone else outside yourself to trust.

This is a black and white thinking of course yet the foundation was form and it is in for each individual interest to unravel this ball of yarn, first by consciously rebuilding a foundation of keeping to your words and actions first with you and then with others with this comes trust from within.

From here you start working on respecting your limit of how much you can give to others without hurting you, by putting you first because you cannot love or ask someone else to love you when you are not doing this for yourself which is not always an easy task when you are accustom of ignoring you.

Conclusion: Trusting your inner self does not come automatic because you have a body and feelings, it is something that you build with conscious steps.

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