When do you start to change the family dynamics?
Is it you or the children to change?

Within each family there are different situation that is played out each day
and it is sometimes difficult for the families to understand or heal their differences which most of the time continue in adulthood.

Blaming their children

Some of these family dynamic are the parents are not satisfy with their children’s behaviour and are constantly blaming their children for not acting right, listening or not doing what are ask of them.

Many parents give to their children material things because the parents do not want their children to feel deprive, not good enough or miss out on what they the parents did not get when they were small.

Children should know better

Some parents over give to their children and are later upset that their children is not doing things around the home such as cleaning their room or helping around the home when some things need attending to because the parents feel that the children should know better.

Many parents feel that their children should be grateful and show it by cleaning up their room or helping around the home and sometimes resent their children for not taking these actions.

If the parents did not give to their children chores to do around the home, or to participate in family clean up, it is difficult that the children will start doing this on their own.

Blaming the children

Blaming the children for not cleaning up is not the answer.
Having the children earn the things they want by having them do chores around the home gives the children responsibility and helps them to be preparing for the outside world.

Children learn by example and teaching or working together with the children can go a long way in making things easier for the parents.

List of things to do

By setting up a list of things to do around the home that can be rotated every couple of weeks can be another easy way to remove boredom and help the children learn about working together to accomplish different task.

Teaching the children that with each action they take or not take has an impact on themselves and others around them such as not picking up their things in the living room will eventually clutter the place where everyone shares.

Changing the roles

How about changing the roles for a day where the children gets to be the parent and the parents gets to be the children and see what lessons can be learn from either and sitting down after to discuss this.

Within each parent they bring with them lesson they have learn or not learn from their first family and that influences how they raise their children.

Impact on your children’s future

By becoming aware that you have an impact on your children’s future in making a successful and healthy life for your children by the way you behave and the beliefs you instil in your children may give you more opportunity to do better for your family.

Conclusion: Relationship with family dynamics is something that is develop with time and effort for everyone in the family.

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