Certain emotions are often seen as positive and others are often seen as negative, and this can cause people to embrace some and to deny others. But regardless of the label they’re given, they all have a purpose.

What matters is: how one responds to how they feel and not how they feel. If one is able to embrace how they feel and not react to or to deny how they feel, then they will be able to work with their emotions.

This will mean that their emotions are seen as a source of information and not as problems. One is then working with themselves; as opposed to against themselves. When one is in harmony with themselves, their life is going to be easier and a lot more fulfilling.


However, while one can experience an inner disruption for a short period of time, it can also become a way of life. Here, one won’t feel a ‘negative emotion’ for a short period of time or on the odd occasion, it will a something they experience on a regular basis.

It could end up being an emotion that completely consumes their life; one is then unable to experience life differently and may only feel comfortable when they are feeling this emotion. One is then addicted to this emotion and might only feel safe when they are experiencing it.

Point Of Focus

So, one might be around someone or just think about something, and their ability to think clearly is taken away from them. This is simply because their emotions have taken over and one is then out of balance.

There is then a strong chance that their actions will be defined by how they feel and as this is a ‘negative emotion’, it could lead to outer destruction taking place. Of course, one could also harm themselves by keeping this emotion in and not letting it out. Either way, it is unlikely that one is going to experience emotional control.


And while all women have the potential to feel hate when it comes to men, there are some women who only experience hate when it comes to men. They might see a man or think about a man and they end up being consumed by hate.

Here, a woman may see a man do something that is abusive or disrespectful or they could just construct a scenario in their mind. This mental construct is likely to be a combination of the experiences they have had with men.

Black And White

It then won’t matter that not all men are the same, as all men could be seen as being the same. This is because the mind likes to work in absolutes and then life is either black or white, there is no grey.

If one was able to simply observe life, then they would soon realise that life is not black and white and that not all men are the same. However, as one is the creator of their life and the observer of what they create, they’re only going to experience what their mind has been programmed to see. It is often said that one sees with their mind and not with their eyes.


Every experience that they have is going to be filtered through their minds interpretations and this will be what their mind believes to be true. And what their mind believes to be true will be based on the experiences they had during their childhood and what they have experienced up until this point.

So if woman hates men and believes they are all the same, it is going to be incredible difficult for her to see men in a different way. Even if she does come across a man that is different, there is the chance that she won’t be able to see this difference.


And if a woman feels this way towards men, it is going to come across in how she behaves and the vibe she gives off. So in some cases, men are going to respond to this and this will then be taken as another example that all men are the same.


As a woman has this outlook, it is going to be mirrored back by the men she comes across. And unless she is able to take a step back and to detach from both her inner and outer experience, her life is not going to change.

Now, a woman may have had experiences in her adult years that have caused her to hate men and it might go back even further. What happened during her childhood could then have continued to play out during her adult years.


These early years may have been a time when she was abused in some way and this could have been by her father or another male in the family. And through being violated during these early years, it is only natural that she came to experience hate.

Through feeling hate, is also allows her to feel protected; as it stops her from having to embrace how she felt during the abuse. And as these were her first experiences of the opposite sex, they would form her inner model of what men are like.


And although these experiences would have been dysfunctional, they would have become familiar and therefore safe. This means that on one side, the woman would have wanted to avoid having to experience what happened again and on the other side, it would have been associated as what is safe.


So all the time the original trauma remains within her, she is going to re-create experiences in her adult life that mirror what happened during her childhood. It is not always easy to see how ones adult life matches their childhood, and this is because the mind can forget what took place all those years ago. The body doesn’t forget and this is where the answers are often found.


If a woman has this challenge it might mean that she needs the assistance of a therapist or a healer. And while a man could provide this support and prove that not all men are the same, it might be too soon.

Therefore, it might mean that she needs to work with a woman first and once she gets to a certain stage, she can work with a man. This is something she must decide for herself and trust her own judgement.

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