If one was to go online and to look for information on the women’s movement, they are likely to come across all kinds of views and opinions. In fact, this could also take place if one was to simply find people who were part of this movement in their local area.


For example, if one is a student, there is a strong chance that there will be a society that they can go and visit. This will give them the chance to listen to what women (and men) have to say when it comes to their views and experiences.

One could then decide to move onto something else, or they could end up going there on a regular basis. As to whether they go back again can all depend on if they agree with what is being said.

Their Experience

This could be a time where one feels as though they can relate to what the people in this group go through. The way they experience life is then going to be validated and they will want to come back again.

At the same time, one could go there with an open mind, and then before long, they could end up going along with what is being said. One was then receptive to what they were hearing and this allowed them to soak it up.


If one was to just browse the web instead, they could still end up wanting to become part of this movement. It could be said that it doesn’t matter what route they take; what matters is what they are looking for and if they are easily influenced.

As if they can relate to what is being expressed, it won’t be necessary for them to go to a society. What they read about online will pull them in and that will get the ball rolling, so to speak.

A Common Outlook

Through being exposed to this information online or through being around other people who have these views, one could hear that all men hate women. Based on this, all men are going to be seen as ‘misogynists’.

This could be something that one goes along with, or they might find it hard to believe. If one goes along with it, there is going to be no reason for anyone to prove that this is the case; it will just be seen as the truth.

Stepping Back

When one doesn’t go along with this outlook, it doesn’t mean that they will turn their back on this movement. Instead, one could still go along with it and identity with the other views that they have.

Alternatively, this could be enough to make them take a step back and to take a deeper look into what is going on. One might begin to wonder how a woman can believe that all men hate women.


Still, if one was to ask one how they came to this conclusion, it doesn’t mean that they will be short of evidence. This could be something that is supplied through talking about certain areas of society, or they could go online and show them different sources, amongst other things.

Either way, one could find that the women who say that all men hate women are not always the most emotionally stable human beings. They may also see that a lot of them are filled with hate and anger themselves.

The Mind

However, when one believes something, and their emotions are out of control, it can be more or less impossible for them to see life differently. This is because human beings are not simply observers of their reality, they are co-creators.

Therefore, if one believes something, it can stop them from seeing anything that goes against what they believe. Yet, if one is unaware of how this works, they are going to believe that what they see proves that they are right.

Both Ways

Said another way, this is the same as one planting a seed and then watching the seed grow. When it comes to what grows after, one will know that it’s because they have planted it; they are not going to be surprised by what is taking place.

On the other hand, when it comes to how one perceives life, they can be completely oblivious to the fact that their experiences are mirroring back what they have planted in their own mind. This is why one can end up being victimised by their own believes, or what they are not willing to face within themselves, for example.


Now, this is not to say that men don’t exist who hate women, as this is not going to be the case. When a woman believes that all men hate women, it can be a sign that she is disconnected from what is taking place at a deeper level.

As a result, this can then set her up to see what she is not willing to face within herself in men, and this is why this is something she experiences everywhere she goes. The hate that she attributes to all men is then a reflection of what she needs to acknowledge within herself.


At one point in her life, and this could have been during her childhood years, she may have been harmed by a man. This could also have been something she experienced on a regular basis.

On one side, this could have set them up to feel powerless, and on the other, there could have been the feeling of shame. And although this might have only been something she experienced with one man, their mind would have come to believe that all men are the same.


Their reptile brain is likely to have formed this association as a way to keep them alive during this time. It is then going to be irrelevant that the other person doesn’t represent all men, as it will be seen as the absolute truth.

One would then have gradually disconnected from what took place and the feelings within their body and how they felt during that time will end up being seen in men. One way of looking at this would be to say that criticising men is a way for them to experience indirect revenge.

Toxic Shame

In addition to this, the hate that they experience is there to stop them from having to face how they feel. If they were to move through their hate and anger, they could end up feeling a deep sense of shame.

Although having the tendency to experience hate and anger can cause them to be out of control and to have a negative affect their health, it is going to allow them to feel better than if they were to experience the toxic shame that is within them. If this was to take place, they would end up feeling worthless and powerless once more.


It could then be said that the part of them that has been wounded has taken over, and until this part of them is healed, their past will continue to define their life. One has then gone from being the victim, to being the one who victimises others.

Even so, this is unlikely to change until one is able to take a step back and to see why they are experiencing life in this way. Self-awareness is therefore the key, but this is not something that can be forced upon them.

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