If one heard someone say that all dogs are the same, there is a strong chance that they would find it hard to agree. This could be because they have owned a number of different breeds, or it could be something they have come to realise through observing other peoples dogs.

As a result, they will know that some need more attention than others, and that they don’t all have the same temperament, for instance. This then means that if someone is looking for a dog, they can find one that will match up with their personality.

A Reaction

When one says that all dogs are the same, it could show that their outlook is being defined by how they feel. This can mean that they haven’t taken the time to think about what they believe, and it is then not possible for them to see that their outlook doesn’t reflect reality.

However, even if one sees life in this way, it is unlikely to have a big effect on their life. And providing this doesn’t cause them to harm dogs, it shouldn’t have an impact on them either.

Men and Women

What will have an impact on one’s life is when they believe that all members of the opposite sex are the same. On one side, there will be the effect this has on their own relationships, and on the other, there will be how it affects the members of the opposite sex.

It is likely to make one’s life harder, and it could end up making it harder for the people they come into contact with. This is not to say that one will be the only one who has this outlook, as they may surround themselves with people who agree with them.

Strength in Numbers

If they were the only ones, it would make it harder for them to maintain the outlook they have, and this why it will be important for them to have the support of others. Through having this support, it can be even harder for them to experience life differently.

The experiences that these people have had will provide them with the validation they need, and because they see life in the same way, they can believe that this proves that they are ‘right’. During those moments when they have experiences that go against what they believe, they won’t allow themselves to accept what takes place.

The Mind

It has been said that one sees with our mind and not their eyes, and this shows that one’s beliefs will have a big effect on what they see. Therefore, if one doesn’t believe something, their mind will do everything it can to stop them from being able to see it.

When one believes that all men/women are the same, it is going to be a challenge for them to have a different experience. What they experience can then be seen as validation as opposed to simply being a reflection of what they believe.

The Observer

If one was an observer of their realty, it would mean that they are playing no part in their experience. But as it is not possible for one to just observe reality, it shows that they are playing a part in how they experience life.

For one thing, one’s mind interprets everything that happens, and this means that they define what something means. Also, their behaviour and the ‘vibe’ they give off influences how people respond to them.

Stepping Back

Thus, if one was to detach from what is taking place within them and to observe their own inner processes, they might begin to see that they are playing a part in how they experience reality. However, if one is enslaved to their mind and is unable to step back, it won’t be possible for them to do this.

When one is able to step back, it could be something that happens after one has an experience that has a profound effect on them. Alternatively, their need to connect with a member of the opposite sex might force them to see life differently.

A Number of Reasons

There could be a number of reasons as to why one would let go of this outlook and allow themselves to see that not every member of the opposite sex is the same. But when one has the need to change their life, it will give them the drive they need to move forward.

If one has this outlook, it doesn’t mean that they won’t have relationships with the opposite sex; what it can mean is that they are unlikely to be very harmonious. In fact, these could be relationships where manipulation and even abuse is normal.

Possible Reasons

When one believes that all members of the opposite sex are the same, it can allow them to experience a sense of power. Whereas if they were to get in touch with how they feel at a deeper level, it could cause them to feel powerless.

There could be a lot of pain under their beliefs and the thoughts that arise from them, and if they were to get into touch with this pain, they could end up feeling incredibly vulnerable. There may have been a time in their life where they were wounded in some way by a member of the opposite sex.


This is not to say that they are aware of what happened, as they may have disconnected from what took place. As a result, they can be in touch with the anger that they experienced through being harmed, but out of touch with the rest of the feelings that they experienced.

It could then be said that the outlook they have stops them from having to face how feel at a deeper level, and unless they work through these feelings, it might not be possible for them to change their outlook. If they were to change their outlook, without working through their feelings, it could cause them to feel exposed.


In order for one to work through how they feel, they might need the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group. This external support can then allow them to go where they might not be able to go by themselves.

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