It could be said that there are going to be moments in everyone’s life when they do something wrong. When this takes place, one could see if there is anything they can do to put it right.

The Next Step

If it becomes clear that they can do something about what has taken place, they might soon take action. But if they are not aware of what they can do, they might end up asking someone else for their feedback.

This could be a trusted friend, or they might end up asking someone who has a good understanding of what has taken place. Before long, one might have a good idea about what they can do.

A Different Response

Alternatively, one might see that the best thing they can do is to apologise for what has taken place. From here, they might make sure that they don’t behave in the same way again.

This will show that one realised that they had done something wrong, and this is what allowed them to do something about it. In addition to this, there is likely to be the effect that the people around them had.

Taking Responsibility

One is then going to be someone who holds their hand up when they have done something wrong, as opposed to blaming other people. Not only will this allow them to change their behaviour; it will also have a positive effect on their relationships.

This will give them the opportunity to grow and develop, and the people around them are going to appreciate their behaviour. There will be the effect this has on their personal relationships and on their career.


Through taking responsibility for how they behave, it is likely to endear them to others. One will also be indirectly letting the other people know what they think of them.

So if they let a friend down, for instance, behaving in this way could bring them closer together. The other person will see that one respects them and that they value their friendship.

Moving Up the Ladder

When one conducts themselves in this way, it will prove to the people they work with that they are able to act like an adult. This will stop these people from having to be responsible for things that are not their responsibility.

One will be able to learn from their mistakes and they won’t push other people away, and it is then going to be a lot easier for them to make progress in their career. And if they are self-employed, their clients/customers are more likely to use their services in the future and to recommend what they do to others.

Another Experience

But while this is going to be how some people behave, there are going to be others who respond differently. As a result of this, they can have the propensity to act as though they haven’t done anything wrong.

Through behaving in this way, the people around them could find it hard to understand what is going on. It will be only too clear who is responsible, but they are not going to be able to accept this.

A Victim

One could act as though it has got nothing do with them and that they are being treated unfairly. It is then not that one has done anything wrong and that these people are right to hold them accountable; it is that the people around them are just having a go at them for no reason.

An extreme example of this would be someone who acts as though they are being treated badly, after they have been sent to prison for committing a crime. The damage that they have caused is then irrelevant and they are the ones who are suffering.


What this is going to show is that one is not willing to face the consequences of their actions. When one behaves in this way, it can show that they lack self-awareness, and it could be a sign that one hasn’t got much of a conscience.

Or, if this is not the case, this is part of them is typically going to offline when they do something wrong. Naturally, this is going to cause them drive a lot of people away, and this might have caused them to lose a number of jobs.

Sucked In

Still, this doesn’t mean that this kid if behaviour will have a negative effect on everyone, as there are likely to be people who end up feeling sorry for them. One will then have been able to manipulate these people, and this will partly take place through utilising the guilt that is within them.

When someone falls for this kind of behaviour, it could show that they feel responsible for other people, and that they don’t value themselves. They could also fear standing their ground, and this is then why they put up with this kind of behaviour.

A Closer Look

If one has the tendency to behave in this way, it could show that they were not given the right guidance during their early years. Perhaps they were brought up by people who let them get away with too much, and this would have meant that they didn’t set the right limits.

One is then no longer going to be a child, but they won’t have received what they needed in order to develop into a responsible adult. There may also have been someone else around them when they were younger who behaved in the same way.


If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, it might be a good idea for them to work with a therapist or a healer. This will give them the chance to look into why they behave this way and to change their behaviour.

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