If someone is in a relationship that they no longer want to be in, they could decide to talk to their partner about what is taking place for them. This will stop them from having to cover up how they feel, and it will give them the chance to bring the relationship to an end.

A Cover Up

On the other hand, if one no longer wanted to be with them but they kept this to themselves, they would be leading the other person on. The other person might believe that they are with someone who wants to be with them.

One might keep what is taking place for them to themselves because they don’t want to hurt their partner. This might stop their partner from experiencing pain in the short-term, but what it won’t do is stop them from being hurt in the long-run.

A Matter of Time

The only thing one will be doing through behaving in his way is delaying the inevitable, and there is also the chance that their partner is aware that something isn’t right. Yet instead of speaking up, they might have decided to pretend that everything is fine.

Alternatively, they might end up asking one about what is going on, and this will give them the chance to open up. It could be said that the sooner this takes place, the better their lives will be.


When one is not willing to open up and to handle the fallout, they might end up having an affair with someone. And they could do this with the hope that their partner will end up finding out.

Through doing this, it will allow them to end the relationships without having to end it. Their partner will see what is happening and they will be the ones who will end the relationship.

The Same Outcome

If something like this was to take place, it is likely to show that one is only concerned about themselves. As long as they are able to get away, it won’t matter about the affect this has on their partner.

Now, there is the chance that this is the first time one has done this, or they might have done it before. But no matter how their partner would have felt if they had told them directly, it is unlikely to be as bad as it will be through finding out indirectly.

Another Route

At the same time, one might end up looking for someone to be with before their relationship comes to an end. The other person might know that they are already with someone, or they could be oblivious to this fact.

Yet even if they are aware of what is taking place, they could be so caught up with them that it doesn’t bother them. One could end up telling this person that their relationship isn’t working, and they could even make things up in order to make themselves look good.


Their partner could believe that they are the only person in one’s life, but that is going to be nothing more than an illusion. Therefore, when their relationship comes to an end, they could believe it’s because they simply grew apart, for instance.

Both of them are then going to be single, and they could believe that one has been affected by what has taken place. If they don’t live near to each other, their ex might never find out about what really took place.

Out In the Open

However, if they live close to each other or if they have mutual friends, for instance, their ex could end up finding about what was taking place when they were together. They could then wonder if the other person even enjoyed being with them and if their time together actually meant anything.

The story they had in their mind will have been shattered, and this could make them feel even worse. This can cause them to feel as though they have been betrayed by their ex, and that they took advantage of them.

A Match

Perhaps one had a connection with the person they are now with, and they might have believed that this was the right person for them. This person might have just appeared and one wouldn’t have been able to stay with the person they were with.

Yet even if this was the case, one was still with someone, and they would have cheated on their partner. And even if one went with someone who they believed was right for them, it doesn’t mean that this is the first time it has happened.

A Pattern

If they were to look back on their life, this might have been something that has taken place on a number of occasions. In fact, this could be something that takes place when they no longer want to be with someone or vice versa.

These kinds of people are often described as ‘overlappers’, as there is always someone in their life. What this can show is that at a deeper level, they feel as though they are unable to handle life by themselves.

Anyone Will Do

Through being this way, they might not be too concerned with who they end up with, as long as they are with someone. Therefore, although an ex can think about if the relationship actually meant anything, there is a strong chance that it didn’t.

They may have simply been someone who stopped one from having to feel emotionally unstable. If one was to leave a relationship and to be by themselves, they could end up feeling abandoned.


The reason one would feel this way can be due to what took place during their early years, and this may have been a time when they were abused and/or neglected. If one can relate to this, and they want to change their life, they may need to be assisted by a therapist.

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