Have you ever wondered if outward enemies are really inward friends?

I would say that often what we seen in people is not always how they are. Who they are behind closed doors can be very different than who they show themselves to be out in public. This is something that I have seen in many walks of life; be it religious authorities, abusers, teachers, and definitely in the realm of politics. Out of all of these politics is probably the most prevalent, as we often see them smiling and in charge on the outside; while behind closed doors a whole other picture is unveiled.

When we look at the world leaders that we have in position at this time, there are a variety of these polarities that exist. Those that bomb a country because of “politics” and inside are thinking “I really don’t like doing that, because I really like ______”. Or, perhaps they are smiling and shaking hands on the outsider; and then get behind close doors and swear in anger against that person. As we know so many deals are made behind closed doors.

When I do Code Interpretation, I am able to get a look at the true dynamics of a situation. Just like when you work some place and there is a change in staff and personnel or management, the whole environment or tone of your work environment can change; the same is true with our world leaders. One year there could be major attacks on France, then there is a change of post between the attacker or attacked (or even with another country); and then everything shifts becoming an alliance, being given no attention, or becomes even worse. I include a shift in uninvolved countries, since a new leader in another country to could align with the attacker or attacked in a way that also makes a shift in things.

It is these very dynamics which explains why we are always seeing shifts in power, connections, alliances, an even what countries are being focused on in world news. Just take a look at Canada who has had a recent shift. Their new leader is winning the hearts of the people. He very well may be the first to do yoga on the lawn in public. He has also offered up citizenship for US citizens if they do not like who is elected.

I find this interesting because on one hand he is appearing to be more focused on the people and their needs. Now, we can also say this makes sense because of the value of the American Dollar in Canada; or could there really be something deeper happening there. Could it be that he doesn’t code well with our current political leader and this offers him a variety of positive press; while removing the power of another world figure. Also, with elections at hand in the US this year, we will have to see if this holds true after those elections; or which direction will that offer shift for us.

In several countries a leader is in until they basically cannot lead any more or until they pass. We see this in places such as Europe, like in England; or with the position of Pope. It can also be prevalent in Asian regions. However, we then have other countries like Canada or the US that shift much more frequently.

This is an interesting dynamic to consider, because life time world leaders such as Kings and Queens and the Pope will have a consistent way of functioning with other life time leaders. However, with each alliance made or broken, that can change due to the interaction of other world leaders that are shifting and changing much more frequently. So, for example, let’s say that Strawberries and Cream always go together and the blend is very compatible. Then Espresso comes in. Espresso gets along great with Cream; but is not compatible with Strawberries. It is not just the incompatibility with Strawberries and compatibility with Cream that is the challenge for Strawberries; but now Strawberries is not dealing with the energy of Cream alone, it is dealing with the combined energy of Cream and Espresso which can lead the once favorable relationship between Strawberries and Cream to be challenged; unless Cream works with Strawberries when Espresso is not present.

These dynamics can play out in a variety of different ways. It can lead opposing countries to actually team up against a common unfavorable country; even if they are not working as true alliances. It can cause allianced countries to at least temporarily separate until the unsettling influence has shifted. When world leaders are being considered, the elite are making their decisions, and where politics are abundant; these alliances become everything as they are looking at which alliances can be broken to give them more power, which ones can be formed to give them more power, and which ones will cause current enemies to assist them in a “greater” purpose.

Now, we would like to think that those with a shorter term have less influence than those that hold their position for life. However, this is not always true; because it is those with the shorter terms that are going to create the most amount of shifting in the energy field. This is much like Astrology, where the faster moving planets have a greater influence on our day to day lives and emotions, than the slower moving ones that are more constant in the energy they are providing. Astrology, is a great example of what I am talking about, as the planets interaction with each other is much the same way world leaders have shifts in how they are influencing the world. In Astrology the favorable and unfavorable connections are called squares or opposites and trines or sextiles. The shorter term influencers become like weather patterns that balance or shake things up; like a tornado in Winter in a snowstorm, or a tropical paradise where things are pleasant almost every single day.

Looking at things from this perspective shows us that those in their position for life are sort of like the stable factors that are going to be who they are consistently; while those in office for a shorter period of time are like those factors that are always shifting and changing and influence how we will work within the constant factors. For example, Coca Cola has been around for a very long time; and they consistently put out Coke and that is not going to change. However, as new people enter the company and are involved in making decisions about things, changes happen to maybe the packaging or the bottling process, or the marketing. So Coca Cola is still putting out Coke, but there is now also Cherry Coke, or it is now available in a plastic bottle and not just glass, etc; you get the idea.

How will the shift in world leaders affect what you do with your life; and have you learned constants that you can keep for yourself (such as being happy or compassionate), regardless of the policies that they choose to put in place or change?

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Code Interpretor

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