If one drives an old car, and this is a car that is not in good shape, it is unlikely that many people would spend much time looking it. But if this isn’t the case, it would simply come down to the fact that they would find it hard to believe how bad it is.

On the other hand, if one drives one of the latest sports cars, they may find that people stare at their car. It is unlikely to matter where they go, as the responses could be the same.

One Step Further

And, if one drives around in the first car, it could cause other people to develop a negative outlook towards them. When this takes place, not only is their car going to be of little value, the person in the car will be seen in the same way.

Yet, if they were to drive the second car, other people could develop a positive outlook towards them. It is then not just that they are driving a car that has a lot to offer, it is that they are also have a lot to give.

A Closer Look

Even so, one might only be driving an old car because another person has lent it to them to drive, and the same might also be said if they are driving the sports car. Or, there is the chance that someone simply gave them the car they are driving.

Thus, if they are driving an old car this is not going to represent their value, it is simply a gift. And if they are driving a sports car, it could be said that they just got lucky, and that they could have just as easily been given an old car.

The Connection

When it comes to how people respond to another human being, their appearance often plays a big role. As a result of this, it is not always going to matter what they are like as a person.

It will then be as if they have worked hard to develop how they look, when in reality, they will have probably been born this way. In the same way that one can end up being lucky and have a sports car passed onto them, they will have also been genetically lucky.


This is not to say that people who are attractive won’t need to put any effort into their appearance, as this is not going to be the case. But regardless of this, they are already going to have everything in place in order to be perceived as valuable without needing to put in too much effort.

Through eating well and going to the gym, for instance, they could end up looking even better. Whereas if someone wasn’t physical attractive and they did these things, they could still end up being overlooked by others.

The Halo Effect

If one was to see someone who is attractive, it can be normal for them to believe that they are successful, intelligent, and well-adjusted, amongst other things. And, this is generally going to take place before this person has even opened their mouth.

This person is then going to be seen as having it all together, and one can treat them as if they have come from another planet. And even if one was to talk to them and they acted in ways that went against what they believe about them, it doesn’t mean that it would have an effect on them.

Caught Up

Due to what they believe, one could end up ignoring the evidence that goes against what they believe. The only thing that can matter will be the image they have formed in their mind.

It could then be said that attractive people can treat people badly and they can end up getting away with it. This is not to say that they will be able to behave in this way forever, as there could come a time when their appearance no longer has an effect, and another person could simply walk away.


With this in mind, it is clear to see that it will be easier for someone who is attractive to attract people into their life. Another person could be so caught up with their looks, that they are not even bothered about anything else.

Now, what this doesn’t mean it that having the right appearance will allow someone to have a fulfilling relationship. This is naturally going to take more than being born attractive; it will be necessary for someone to develop themselves.

Not a Priority

However, if someone is able to draw people in by doing very little, this could be the last thing on their mind. They could believe that their appearance is enough, and so there will be no reason for them to work on their personality.

This is what other people are going to tell them indirectly through giving them attention, and if they were to treat another person badly, there will be no shortage of people who are willing to take their place. Of course, there are going to be people who won’t care what they look like if they don’t behave in the right way, but this doesn’t mean that they will feel the need to change.

Other Factors

There are obviously going to be people who are physically attractive and who have the personality to match. If someone does have both, it could come down to what their childhood was like and/or where they are from in the world.

In the west, for example, there is a general focus on what is taking place externally, and it is then to be expected that physical beauty would be worshipped. But if someone does rely on their appearance, there will come a point in time when it no longer has the same effect on others.


So, if someone is attractive and they have overlooked their personality, the sooner they focus on it the better their life will be. This will also allow them to attract people who have a lot more to them.

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