While there are some people in the world who always try to see the best in others, there are also people who always try to see the worst in others. In their eyes, the outlook they have could be seen as best one to have.

Through having a different outlook, it is likely to mean that their experience of life will be radically different. The reason for this is that one is not simply an observer of their reality; they are having an effect on their experience.


In this case, their experience is being influence by what is taking place within them, and this shows that they are playing a part in their experience. This is not to say that one will realise this, as they might believe that everything is random.

Therefore, it could be said that one’s life will be more fulfilling if they were to see the best in others. For one thing, they are more likely to want to be around others, and this could allow them to experience a greater connection to their fellow human beings.

At A Distance

Alternatively, if one was to see the worst in people, they are more likely to want to keep them at a distance. Of if they were to allow a few people into their life, it might still be a challenge for them to feel completely at ease in their company.

They might believe that it is not a case of if they will let them down; it is more case of when they will let them down. It is then going to be important for them to be on guard, so to speak.


What this comes down is that they are going to find it hard to trust others, and as a result of this, it will be normal for them to their distance. Through being this way, it might not matter how long they have known someone for, as they could still feel the same.

Whereas when one can trust others, they are not going to need to have their guard up all the time. The people they come across can then find it easier to talk to them, and this is likely to make it easier for them to form relationships.


At a deeper level, other people can pick up on what they are like, and this can then cause them to feel comfortable in their presence. If they were to ask themselves why they feel the way they do, they might not even know.

Therefore, other people can find it easier to approach them, and when one approaches others, they can also feel at ease. Another way of looking at this would be to say that one can connect to others through ‘doing’ and they can also connect to them through ‘being’.


If human beings were independent, it wouldn’t matter whether they could trust other people. But as they need others, they are going to suffer in one way or another if they find it hard to connect to them.

Based on this, it can be hard to understand why one would always see the worst in others. It could be said that a lot of the problems they experience through having this outlook would be avoided if they were to change their outlook.

Emotional State

Ones well-being is also going to be effected through having this outlook, and this means that they may be used to experiencing greater levels of fear and anxiety. This will be the result of their need to be ready for when something ‘bad’ happens to them.

Whereas when one sees life differently, it will be a lot easier for them to experience inner peace, and this is because they won’t be waiting for something ‘bad’ to happen. They can then be present as opposed to getting caught up in what might take place.

Pros and Cons

However, while seeing the best in others will have a positive influence on one’s life, it doesn’t mean it won’t cause them to experience problems. This is because when one has this outlook, it can cause them to block out evidence that would suggest that someone can’t be trusted, for instance.

One can then get caught up in the idea they have in their mind, and this can then cause them to ignore reality. Their need to see what is good can then stop them from being able to see what is not good.

Out of Balance

This shows that while one can stop themselves from being able to realise that another person doesn’t want to cause them harm; they can also stop themselves from being able to realise that another person does want to cause them harm. As a result of this, one can end up being out of balance, and they could end up being taken advantage off.

It could be said that it is a bit naive to always see the best in others, and this is because not everyone on this planet has pure intentions. However, this doesn’t mean that it is always best to see the worst in others.

Being Present

When one can live in the moment and detach from what is taking place within them, it will give them a greater chance of seeing someone for who they are. If their mind makes them believe that someone can be trusted, for instance, they can listen to their intuition.

Or they can ask other people for their feedback; along with doing their own research. This will then allow them to take their time and they won’t need to react.


If one is in a position where they find it hard to see the good in others or always has an idealised view of others, it might be necessary for them to reach out for support. This could be from a therapist and/or a support group.

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