Although some areas of one’s life can generally go to plan, there can be others that don’t, and this is something that can cause them to experience a lot of pain. For example, they could find that their career is going in the right direction, but that it hasn’t been possible for them to achieve the same level of success in their love life.

Or, one could have a good relationship and yet their career might not be going as they would like it to. It could be said that if one’s professional life is going as they want it to; it will be easier for them to overlook what their relationships are like.


This is because most of their attention will be consumed by their career and they won’t have much time to think about anything else. And, if they have a well paid job, they won’t need to worry about paying their bills.

On the other hand, if they were to have good relationships but they didn’t have much of a career, they would have a lot of time to think about how they life is not going in the right direction. There is also the chance that they won’t have the money to buy what they need either.


It is often said that when the mind has nothing to do, it will end up creating problems. So, through being in a position where one is busy with their career, there will be no reason for them to ruminate over their love life if it is not going well.

When it comes to the end of each day and it is time for them to go home, this could be a time when they will think about it. But even if they were to do this, they could find something to keep their mind busy.


Due to how hard they work each day, they might not even have the energy to think about this area of their life when they finish each day. They could get home and have something to eat, and then they could go to sleep a lot of the time.

Or, one could use this time to see if they can find someone to be with, and this could take place through using online dating. The amount of time they spend a work could stop them from having the time to meet people in other ways.

Another Experience

At the same time, one could find that even if their career is going in the right direction, it doesn’t mean they will be able to put their love life to one side. Instead, this could end up being something that will consume their mind.

This could even end up affecting their performance, and it could then be a challenge for them to perform at their best. Therefore, although they will be at work and this is the only thing that will matter, their mind will be somewhere else.

A Big Effect

What this shows is that not everyone is going to be effected in the same way, and one is then not going to be able to simply carry on with their life. As this area of their life is not going as they want it to, it is going to have a negative effect on their career.

It is then going to be vital for them to do something about it, so that it doesn’t destroy the rest of their life. But while one might look into what they can do to change their circumstances, this might not take place.

One Response

The reason for this is that one could believe that this is an area of their life that is out of their hands. And, if another person is in a position where they have a fulfilling relationship, it will come down to the fact that they are lucky.

Ergo, the only way their life will change is if their luck changes and one is then going to have to wait until his happens. Based on this, one is going to be nothing more than an observer when it comes to this area of their life.

A Big Difference

However, while, one can have this outlook when it comes to their love life, this is unlikely to be the case when it comes to their career. If this area of their life wasn’t going well, they could believe that they could change it.

Yet when it comes to their love life, this is not an approach that they are going to have. It will then be as if they have control over their career but they don’t have control over what takes place in their relationships.

A Closer Look

One way of looking at this would be to say that this is partly down to the kind of conditioning that they will have received throughout their life. They may have been brought up to believe that how well they do in their career spends on how much effort they put into it; whereas they could have been told that their love life is a random process.

What also plays a part here is that during one’s time in the education system, they would have learnt about things that were designed to help them do well in the world. But what they probably didn’t learn about is how to have fulfilling relationships.


Thus, through having experiences like this and living in a society that doesn’t encourage self-awareness, there is going to be no reason for one to have a different outlook. The only way that one is going to let go of the outlook they have is if they start to educate themselves


This is something that can take place through going online. There is so much information on here that goes into why people attract the people they do.

When one looks into this, it could cause them to feel uncomfortable and they might get in touch with things that they would rather ignore. But the only their life is going to change is if they change; if they do the same thing, they will continue to have the same experiences.

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