​While someone could say that they hate a certain type of food, for instance, they can also say that they hate the opposite gender. It one could relate to the first example (or if they hated something similar), it is unlikely to have much of an effect on their life.

However, if they were in a position where they hated the opposite gender, it is likely to have a greater effect on their life. And this is because although they will be able to avoid a certain type of food; it is highly unlikely that they will be able to avoid the opposite sex.

Two Sides

On one side, there are men who hate women, and on the other side, there are women who hate men. When a woman hates men she will be described as a misandrist, and when a man hates women he will be described as misogynist.

But while a different word is used in each case, there is the chance that people will be more familiar with the word that is used when a man hates women. In fact, there are likely to be a lot of people who don’t even know what word to use when it comes to describing a woman that hates men.

Point Of Focus

It could be said that one of the primary reasons why someone would be more familiar with the word that is used to describe women who hate women is because it is commonly used in today’s world. This is not to say that people hear it all the time in their everyday life, as it can be something they can hear about online, for instance.

On a number of occasions, they may have come across comments or articles that talk about how men are ‘misogynists’. Not only this, they may have come across a lot of information that talks about how men are the problem in today’s world.

One Response

If a woman was to come across this kind of information, she might wonder what is going on, and this could be a sign that she knows that not all men are the same. As a result of this, she could come to believe that the women who say that men hate women are actually the ones who hate men.

And how they are not talking about men in general; they are talking about the experiences they have had with men. If could be said that this is a fairly accurate assessment, and this is because human beings see the world with their mind and not their eyes.

A Reflection

Therefore, one is not simply an observer of reality; they are playing an active role in how they experience reality. Thus, if one meets people who are the same, it is going to be a clear sign that they need to look at what is taking place within them.

However, if one is unaware of what is taking place in their mind and body, and they are out of touch with their own behaviour, it is going to be a challenge for them to realise why they experience life as they do. So while every experience that they have can be seen as yet more evidence that they are right; it is nothing more than a reflection of what is taking place within them.

Another Response

Alternatively, a woman could come across this kind of information and find that it matches up with her own reality. Along with this, she could also be someone who shares information about how bad men are. Through having this outlook, there is going to be a strong chance that the people she spends her time with also have the same outlook.

The kind of experiences that they have with men are not going to be seen as a reflection of what is taking place within them; they are going to be seen as a reflection of what men are like. Another way of looking at it would be to say that they see themselves as being nothing more than an observer of life.

It can then be normal for them to believe that they see life through their eyes and not their mind. But if they were connected to what is taking place within them, it would allow them to see what is taking place.

However, as they are not connected to what is taking place within them, it is not possible for them to realise why they are experiencing life as they are. One way of looking at this would be to say that they are unable to take responsibility for their own issues, and this then sets them up project their problems onto men.

Stepping Back

If someone was to look into why a woman would hate men, they might look into how they have been influenced by their society. Along with this, it would also be important for them to look in what their childhood was like.

But while what takes place after their childhood years is going to be important, it is not going to be as important as their childhood. This is because if a woman had a healthy relationship with at least one man during her formative years, she is less likely to hate men as an adult.

Childhood Years

So when a woman ends up hating men, it can be because she was abused by a man during her childhood years, and there is the chance that there wasn’t a man around during this time who treated her with respect. Through having these emotionally charged experiences with a man, it may have caused her to hate men.

But if this didn’t take place, it could mean that there wasn’t a man around during her formative years. Instead, she may have had a mother who blamed all her problems on her father who wasn’t around.


Not only this, her mother may have also said that all men are the same, and this would have meant that she received an inaccurate idea of men. In reality, the experiences her mother had with men were simply a reflection of what was taking place within her.

But as there wasn’t a well-adjusted man around to show her that not all men are the same, it wouldn’t have been possible for her to realise that her mother’s experiences were not the truth. Therefore, the experiences that she is having with men as an adult are not her own experiences; they are her mother’s experiences. And there is also the chance that her mother was experiencing life in the same way as her mother did.


If a woman can relate to this and she wants to experience life differently, it might be necessary for her to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group.

During this time, she could be grieving unmet childhood needs and working through trauma. There is also the chance that she will feel the need to hold onto her outlook out of the need to be loyal to her mother, and this might then mean that it will necessary for her to have a family constellation.

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