In today’s world, it is incredible easy for someone to learn about something, and this is largely due to the internet. The only thing they need in order to access all the information they could ever need is to have some kind of device.

Once they are online, one can go straight to a website or they can use a search engine. The approach one takes is likely to depend on whether they know where to find what they are looking for.

Two Options

If one knows what website can assist them with their question, there is going to be no need for them to use a search engine. Whereas if one is not aware of what site they can use, it will be normal for them to use a search engine.

However, one could also end up reaching out to a friend and they could give one a certain website to use. And while they may ask them because they trust their judgement; it could also come down to the fact that they are well-informed.


This could be a time where one is looking for information about the opposite gender, and this can then mean that they are not simply looking to waste time. This could be something that is consuming their whole life, and the sooner their question is answered, the better their life will be.

One may be in a position where they are in a relationship and they are trying to understand the other person. Or the person they work for could be could be causing them problems, among other things.

A Website

So if one was to find a website, they could find that their question is soon answered, and while this could be the end of it, they could end up looking for more information. This could be seen as a normal part of being curious, as once one question is answered another is going to appear.

Having said that, one could find that even though the website does give them an answer, it might not be what they are looking for. As a result of this, they could carry on looking through the site or they could find another one.


But if one was to find that they don’t agree with everything they come across on a website, it could be said that this is normal. For one thing, what they are reading about would have been written by a human being, and they are not perfect.

The only thing anyone can do is to share what they know, and this is going to be a reflection of the experiences they have had. Along with this, it will be influenced by how they have responded to these experiences and the information they have come across.


Based on this, if one was to believe everything they were to come across on a website it could be said that it would be abnormal. Therefore, it will be a good thing if they don’t agree with everything they read about.

When one visits a number of different websites, they are likely to get a more balanced perspective. Yet at the same time, the websites they visit could end up having a similar outlook, and this can then cause them to have a closed mind.

Two Sides

On one side then, there is going to be the information that is provided, and on the other side, there is going to be how one responds. It could then be said that even if a website was to present information that portrayed men/women as being a certain way, it doesn’t mean that one has to accept it.

Similarly, if one was offered food, it doesn’t mean that they have to eat it, and this is because it is down to them to decide if they will accept what is being offered. But if one is extremely hungry, for instance, they could end up taking what is being offered and it won’t matter what kind of food it is.

One reason why one might accept something without questioning it is because they could be feeling emotional. So just like the person who eats whatever is being offered; they won’t take the time to reflect on whether what they are receiving is good for them.

As a result of this, one can be in a position where they are looking for validation, and this means it won’t matter if what they are learning about matches up with reality. One can end up feeling as though they are better than the opposite gender, and this can then cause them to settle down.

A Process

However, this is not to say that one will come to believe that all men/women are the same straight away, as it is likely to take a while. What the website will gradually do is cause one to develop a new outlook of the opposite gender.

Other people’s behaviour will then be filtered through the outlook that they have formed through internalising the information that they have read about online. Another way of saying this is that one will no longer be able to experience things for themselves; they will rely on someone else to tell them what something means.

External Source of Power

And once they have come to believe what is being spoken about online, they may find that they need to go back there on a regular basis. As if they don’t do this, they may start to experience withdrawal symptoms.

The website can be seen as somewhere where one can find the truth, and they can feel empowered through using it. It is then going to be viewed in the same way as a child would view their caregivers or how someone might view a guru.

Critical Thinking

What this shows is how important it is for one to question what they read, and through doing this, it will make it easier for them to experience life with their own eyes as opposed to someone else’s. If ones reality wasn’t influenced by the information they consumed, it wouldn’t matter what they believed.

But as this is not the case, it will be important for them to pay attention to what they allow into their mind. If one is having trouble with men/women, they may need to reach out for external support, and this could be from a therapist and/or a support group.

Through having this kind of support, it will give them the chance to look in why they are experiencing life as they are. And this will be a time where one can look at what is happening objectively as opposed to developing an inaccurate outlook of the opposite gender.

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