While there are some people who have moments when they get angry with the opposite sex, there are others who always feel this way. In this case, it could be said that it would be more appropriate to say that they hate them.

As a result of this, it might not be possible for them to settle down for very long; they could spend a lot of their life in a highly charged emotional state. The people around them could also pick up on the fact that they are rarely at peace.

The Environment

They may find that they start to experience hate when they are around the opposite sex, and that when they are in their own company or the company of the same sex, they start to settle down. Yet this could also depend on what they think about in their own company and when they are around others, as well as what they talk about around others.

This shows that is not going to be something that is black and white and one could be in a position where they are very familiar with this feeling. In fact, it could be a feeling that they experience more than any other feeling.


However, just because one hates the opposite sex, it doesn’t mean that they are always in touch with how they feel. There is also the chance that they have a greater focus on what they believe about the opposite sex.

Therefore, it is not necessarily going to be about how much they hate them; it could come down to how they are superior or how the other gender believes they are superior. So although they could still be in touch with their hate, there are likely to have a greater focus on what is taking place in their head.


Through having these kinds of beliefs, it will then be normal for them to experience things that prove that they are right. Along with this, they will also notice things in life that will validate their outlook.

But while they can believe that their experience and what they notice validates what they believe, this is not going to the complete truth. It will simply come down to the fact that human beings see with their mind as opposed to their eyes.


In this sense, they are seeing what they expect to see and unless they realise this, they life is not going to change. Yet in order for them to realise this, they will need to develop their own self-awareness.

But all the time they are caught up in how they feel and what is taking place in their head, this is not going to happen. Through having this outlook, they may find that they are always single; however, this might not be the case.


If this is not the case, it could be a sign that they are attracted to the same gender, or they could still end up in relationships with the opposite sex. On one hand, this could mean that they end up with people who they walk over, and on the other hand, they could end up with people who walk all over them.

When it relates to the former, the other person’s behaviour could be seen as the reason why they are the superior gender. And when it relates to the latter, the other person’s behaviour could be seen as the reason why the opposite gender is inferior.


One could be in a position where they have a number of friends who also have the same outlook and this can give them the support they need to hold onto their outlook. These people could have had the same kind of experiences that they have had.

Yet even though this could be put down to the fact that they have the same beliefs and therefore create the same reality; it is going to be seen as more evidence. They may also find that it is not enough for them to just talk to their friends about their view of the opposite gender and that they need a bigger audience.

The Next Step

So if they haven’t already taken this step already, they could end up creating a few videos on what they believe. Along with this, they may even decide to write a book about it.

Through doing this, they are likely to find that there are plenty of other people who have the same outlook. But if they come across people who show them that not all men/women, for instance, they could end up ignoring or dismissing what they hear.

A Deeper Look

If one has a problem with the opposite gender, it could be a sign that there was a time in their life that had a big effect on them. And while this could relate to what has happened during their adult years, it could also go back to their childhood years.


When one hates the opposite sex and often ends up in an inferior position, it could mean that they were abused by their mother/father and/or another male/female. This could have been physical, verbal, emotional and/or sexual abuse.

But if one hates the opposite sex and often ends up in a superior position, it can mean that they were brought up by a mother/father and/or men/women who treated men/women with contempt. These early experiences would have given them a dysfunctional view of the opposite gender.


Through being abused, one would then have grown up to believe that all men/women are the same, and unless they question the beliefs that they developed and work through the pain that these experiences caused them, it is not going to be possible for them to experience life differently. As a result of this, they will continue to come into contact with the people who validate with they believe and overlook the people who don’t.

If, on the other hand, they were raised in an environment where the opposite gender was treated with contempt, they will also need to question their beliefs and to get back in touch with their healthy shame. For when one disconnects from their healthy shame, it will be normal for them to believe that one gender is superior to the other.


This is a process that can take place with the assistance of a therapist and/or a support group. And while this process may be painful, it will allow one to let go of the illusions that they have created.

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