There is the chance that if someone is in to self-development, it is because of the law of attraction. Through finding out about this so-called law, it would then have meant that this ended up being an important part of their life.

One thing leads To Another

It is then the same as how someone can find out about a one product and before long; they can end up using other products from the same brand. In the beginning, they may have just been curious about how this will affect their life.

But as time passes, this product, as well as many others, would have become a vital part of their life. One can then be in a position where this law has become a big part of their life, or they may say that they are simply working with a law that has always existed.

Another Route

Alternatively, one may have been into self-development for a little while and, this may have caused them to find out about the law of attraction. It could then be said that it was inevitable that this would happen.

This partly comes down to the fact that this is something that has permeated this industry. Due to this, it would be a challenge for one to be into this area and not to find out about it.

Another Angle

Having said that, even if one hasn’t heard about the law of attraction, it doesn’t mean that they haven’t been exposed to it indirectly. What this comes down to is that so much of the material that is available has been influenced by it.

So, one could read a book that doesn’t mention this law, but it could still have talked about how their thoughts create their life. Thus, if another person was to talk about what this law is all about, they would soon know what they are talking about.

A Match

Based on this, in order for one to attract something into their life, they will need to have the right thoughts. In addition to the effect their thoughts have, there will also be how their life is affected by what they focus on.

It is then going to be necessary for them to make sure that they have positive thoughts, as this will allow them to raise their ‘vibration’. What is taking place in their mind will then be mirrored in their external world.

On Board

After hearing about this, one may have found this is how they live their life already; with this being something that they believe in. This could be a sign that their life is going how they would like it to go.

Yet, if one heard about this law for the first time, there may have been a number of things in their life that were not going as they would like them to. And, through applying what they learnt, their life may have changed dramatically.

Passing It On

But before they changed what was taking place in their mind, they may have told a number of other people about it. Some of these people may have been open to it, while others may have dismissed what they said.

Still, this wouldn’t have stopped them from doing what they could to achieve whatever is was that they wanted to achieve. There could also be a number of things that they are still working towards.

Another Outcome

On the other hand, one may have found that it hasn’t been possible for them to change their life, or that a certain area hasn’t changed. As a result of this, they may have reached out for external support; this could have been from a friend or coach, for instance.

This could be a time when one will find out that there have been moments when they haven’t focused on the right things. Through their assistance, one may soon find that they are able to move forward.

The Same Old Story

At the same time, this might not have much of an effect on their life, and they could find that their life gets even worse. One is then going to be doing all the ‘right’ things, but their life is not going to change.

They could start to wonder if there is more to it and if it is not just their thoughts that control their life. This might not take place though, and one could end up blaming themselves for what is taking place.


It might not stop there though, as other people could also end up blaming them for what they are going through. No matter what is going on for them, these people could say that one ‘attracted’ it into their life.

Therefore, if one is in a relationship where the other person abuses them or if they are ill, it shows that they were having too many ‘negative’ thoughts. And how the only way their circumstances will change is if they raise their vibration.

A lack of Empathy

What they are going through is likely to cause then to experience pain, and this pain can then increase through being told that they are at fault. Ironically, it could be said that these people are going to be lowering their vibration in order make one feel bad about what they are going through.

This is going to be a time when one needs people to empathise with what they are going through, not to make their life even harder. Perhaps one is not doing anything wrong; they might just need to look a little deeper.

A Surface Level Understanding

What this comes down to is that it is not just what is taking place in their mind that has an effect on their life; it is also what is taking place in their body. One could be completely out of touch with what is taking place here, but it will still have an effect on their life.

This can relate to emotional pain that has build-up through their life and to trauma they experienced when they were younger. There is also the chance that they have the need to stay loyal to their ancestors, and this is going to stop them from creating their own life.


Ultimately, this is not something that is black and white; there are a number of factors involved. And when it comes to what one wants to attract, it can be due to the trauma they are carrying.

Ergo, when they heal the trauma that is within them, they may find that they no longer have the same goals. As they will feel different on the inside, they will no longer need to change how they feel through achieving things.

If one is carrying trauma and they want to change their life, they may need to work with a therapist or a healer.

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