While a relationship can last a lifetime, there is also chance it will only last for short amount of time. It could also be said that there is a greater chance of one staying friends with someone for a lifetime than there is of them being in an intimate relationship with someone for the same amount of time.

However, even though this can be the case, it is not always going to be this way, and this shows that no matter what kind of relationship one has with someone, it doesn’t mean it will last. For instance, one could have a close relationship with a family member, and as time passes, it could also come to an end.


This could be because they have done something that was extremely harmful, or it may be a sign that one has to keep their distance to maintain their own well-being. But even though they have chosen to walk away from them, it could be one of the hardest decisions they have had to make.

Some of the people in their life might also find it hard to understand why they would do such a thing, and they might try to get them to change their mind. Yet, if they have been in the same position or understand what they have gone through, it is gong to be easier for them to understand why they have made this decision.


What this comes down to is that it is going to be important for one to take care of themselves, and not to get caught up in what others think. If they were to focus on pleasing other people, it is only going to cause them more pain in the long run.

This shows that while it takes very little effort to judge, it takes far more effort to understand. The main things is that one listens to themselves, and through doing this, there is going to be less chance them ignoring their own needs in order to fulfil the needs of others.

A Short Period of Time

If one was to look back on their life, they may remember someone who was around for a short period of time. This could be someone who they classed as a friend, or it may relate to a lover they once had.

And when they think about why the relationship came to an end, they might remember that it was because the other person had to move away. Or it may come down to the fact that one was going through a transitional period and no longer felt the need to remain in contact with the other person.

Endless Reasons

Ultimately, there are endless reasons as to why a relationship would only last for a short period of time; this is not to say that it is always easy for one to accept it when this happens. During these moments, they may try to hold on, and this could make it harder for them to handle what is happening.

If they had the ability to look into the future, they may have been able to see that they needed to let go in order to go to the next stage of their life. But if they were caught up in their feelings, it would have been a challenge for them to realise this.

A Longer Period of Time

One could then look at their life now and see that there are a number of people who have been in their life for a long period of time. These can not only include people they are close to, it can also include people they see on the odd occasion.

As time passes, there is still going to be the chance that some of these relationships will come to an end, but then again, they might not. The connection they have with them could change, but they could remain in their life until the very end.

The End

When a relationship comes to an end and one believes that it has ended too soon, they may want to change what has happened. It is then not going to be possible for them to let go; they are going to want to rekindle the relationship.

This could relate to someone who was a friend, or it could be someone they were in an intimate relationship with. On one hand, they may want it to continue, but on the other hand, they may wonder if it is possible.

An Analogy

If one’s car stopped working, there is a strong chance that they will want to know if it can be repaired. After it is towed to a garage, it should only be a matter of time before they find out if they will be able to drive it again.

They may find out that it is something to do with the engine, but not the engine itself; in this case, it might be possible for them to drive it again. However, there is also the chance that the engine has gone, and this could mean that they will never drive the car again.

What’s the Connection?

It could be said that the kind of condition one’s relationship was in before it came to an end will play a part in whether it can be rekindled. If the relationship had been gradually fading, it is going to be a lot harder to revive it.

Also, if one did something harmful and destroyed the other persons trust, it is going to be a lot harder for them to be part of their life again. Therefore, how the relationship ended can play a big part in whether it is completely over.


But if the relationship came to an end over a minor disagreement or the other person moved away, for instance, it could be a lot easier. For one thing, there could still be something for them to build on.

As a result of this, the other person may still view them in positive way, and this is because nothing ‘bad’ has happened. Reaching out to the other person could cause them to experience the positive associations that were developed during the relationship, and one could be able to rekindle the relationship.


When a relationship has come to an end over time or because something ‘bad’ took place, the other person might not view them in a positive way. And unless their perception changes, it is unlikely that one will be able to rekindle the relationship.

It will be important for one to look into why they want to rekindle the relationship, and if they believe that they are doing it for the right reason, then they will have to see what happens. There are no guarantees here, and this is because one can only do so much; the other person has to be open to the idea.

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