There is nothing more important to us than our relationships because without them we wouldn’t be the person that we are. The people we share our world with have great value for us. Even when they may not seem to agree with the way we think or who we are. They are providing us with contrast and variation which helps us to know what we don’t want and therefore what we do want. Our nonphysical Source which we all come from and are still connected to has the power and ability to provide us with whatever anybody wants and desires. The differences within the other people around us are of immense value to us, for they allow the growth of new ideas which are essential for our expansion. We came to this planet knowing and understanding the growth and expansion that would occur from our interaction with others.

When we get to the point where we can appreciate the value of different opinions and views to ours, we will discover that we can have immediate value from every relationship and person around us, and everyone we meet. You will also learn that you can’t change enough or do enough for them to keep them feeling happy about you. Vice versa is also true, you can’t change them to make yourself feel better, so accepting them as they are will help you to feel much better within yourself.

Sometimes it seems that others have the power to negatively affect your experience, such as, if only they wouldn’t do that thing that doesn’t feel good to me then I would feel better. Blaming them for your negative experience and feelings, but it is never true it is only your response to them and their behavior which has the power to cut you off from the naturally good feeling person that you are. It also happens that others also believe some times that their happiness depends on how you behave towards them but that is also not true. If you actually behave in a way that helps them to think that their good feelings are dependent on how you act, and do anything you can to please them, you are not actually helping them or yourself.

The best way to think about someone else is to expect them to be successful without needing your help, that way you see them as the nonphysical part of them sees them that is perfect as they are. When you think someone else needs your help and you support their weakness with your strength and try to do it for them, you are not really helping them at all. You are just reinforcing the false idea that they need help outside of themselves to solve their own problems. On the other hand when you deliberately look for someone’s strength and positive aspects even when they might be difficult to find, through the law of attraction your focus on their strength and positive aspects makes them grow larger and more obvious. When you do this for a while because of the focus you are offering the strengths and positive aspects will also become obvious to others as well.

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