Throughout the course of time, understanding the value of relationships has been a most complicated experience. Yet people everyday strive to find the perfect love, the best fit, or maybe even a soul mate (if he or she is fortunate enough). Finding and maintaining a harmonious relationship must be built on trust, respect and mutual understanding and cooperation. How can you discover if your relationship is destined for harmony or opposition? Here are five tell-tale signs to determine if your potential partner is the right one for you:

1. If she looks into your eyes, she’s a keeper. But if her eyes are wandering in another direction when you are speaking with her, she may be disinterested, thinking about someone else, or simply ready to bolt. If her eyes are not engaged in the dialog, she is probably not going to be engaged to you in the future.

2. If he leans into you when he speaks with you, he wants to share every ounce of his passion with you. That means he wants to be as close to you as possible. He will often whisper into your ear, or lean forward in his posture to demonstrate that he is intrigued by you. If he is reserved, standoffish, or explicitly turning away from you, chances are that he may be looking for an escape route.

3. If his conversations are focused on you, career, family and pleasure that means that he is interested in learning more about you. When he is primarily focused on the pigskin, as in sports all the time, he may be looking past you and be prone to neglecting you in more ways than one in the future. He may reach for the remote before he reaches for you. So unless you both are avid sports fans, run – don’t walk.

4. If she snorts when she laughs or has a hardy laugh, she might be the one for you. A lot of women today are still very self-conscious about how people perceive them. They are more materialistic than filled with substance because they worry excessively about their hair, their makeup, their clothes, their shoes, even down to the purse they have strapped to their shoulders. But if your partner is willing to laugh out loud in spite of what others around her may think, and if she sees the joys that life has to offer, she most probably is walking her path positively and seeking the brighter side of living.

And finally, 5. If your significant other is an open book and is completely honest with you, he is worth his weight in gold. There should never be a first time for a “lie”. Once the lie has begun, more are sure to follow. A relationship built on distrust is doomed to failure. This also means that you, too, must remain open and honest in a relationship if you want it to succeed. There should never be any “secrets” because these are often the undoing of even the best relationships later in life.

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