Many people have this idea that when they feel appreciated they feel happy.
Knowing that they make a difference in someone else’s life they are happy.

You may look for outside interaction with family, friend or and event to realize that you are happy yet this feeling is going on inside of you all the time without your conscious agreement.

Similar to their values

Have a career that is similar to their values in life makes them happy.
Having a great family makes you happy.

Having good co-workers makes you happy.
Having good friends makes you happy.

Having great vitality makes you happy.

Having great health makes you happy.
Having a great job makes you happy.

Having a great boss makes you happy.
Feeling supported makes you happy.

Being successful in money makes you happy.

Feeling valued by people makes you happy.

Feeling secure makes you happy.
Being inspired makes you happy.

Being able to dissolve fears makes you happy.

Happiness is not a journey

Happiness is not a journey that you set out to get to one day.

You have within you, all of it, you already know this feeling and it is up to each of you to bring it to the surface of yourself.

Seed of happiness

These are some of the many things that people say that makes them happy.
Within all of us carries the seed of happiness and you do not need an outside event to trigger it; yes it helps to feel that way on a conscious level to touch it again yet it is the make up of who you are at every moment expressing yourself.

The essence of your existence

Happiness is not depending on another person or event, neither for you to feel it nor for you to believe it exist, whether you know it consciously or not it exist, it is the essence of your existence it is the expression of which you are, whether you express this positively or negatively you are still happy you cannot take it away, you can deny its truth of existence.

The conscious mind will argue that it does not exist and would look for proof that it is not and that is the joy of living because you have the choice to agree or disagree and that is part of the ingredient of happiness for happiness is make up of many ingredients and not just the word happy.

Happiness is your nature it is like breathing it exists without your conscious awareness and awareness.

The person that you are rejoices each moment with the expression of your creativity each day that you awake.

Conclusion: Relationship, finding happiness as if it is lost somewhere in the far reaches of the world and you may want to go there some day to hopefully get it if this a part of your goal in life and all the time it is within you expressing itself in disguise ways.

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