God is serious about relationships. It is vital for us to qualify people to be in relationship with us. As far back as I can remember when ever things went really bad in my life it was always when I allowed myself to be in relationships without discerning that person’s purpose in my life. On one particular occasion by the time I quieted myself to assess why things were crazy, money funny and things just falling apart in my life it was traced right back to a relationship that I allowed without asking or discerning their purpose.

Listen your enemies can only disappoint you therefore you keep them close to monitor them but your friend you must keep closer because they can bring ship wreck into your peaceful life and home. Relationships have power and people that you are in relationship with must be able to play a vital role in your life. You must know who’s in your life and whose speaking in your ear planting seeds of confusion, fear, lack, gossip, unbelief, distraction and destruction.

Any relationship that distracts, subtract, divide and take your focus off course then you must take time out and assess where your life was prior to the relationship and compare your life to where it is since this relationship showed up. You should be bold to ask about their purpose in your life. If they can’t answer you about their purpose in the relationship then you have a choice to make because you do have the power to choose. Did this relationship come to take you into the deep to drown you? Uncover your nakedness or your flaws like Noah’s son or to take you to another level to move you into your destiny. When wrong people show up in your life wrong things happen to you; wrong people bring negative climates that initiates storms and drought in your life and what ever can go wrong usually does. Did you even stopped to asses your life since this person came to discern who sent them; if not it is only a matter of time before your focus is hindered.

Wrong people cause God to depart from your life. We see God’s withdrawal when King David coveted another man’s wife and the anointing of the Lord left him and God’s judgment entered his life. Another example was seen in Samson’s life due to his disobedient by marrying a Philistine woman and God’s response was to withdraw His Presence. Who has withdrew their presence since this relationship has shown up.

Wrong people cause spiritual blindness and deafness to creep into your life and you may begin to feel that God’s Presence can’t be found. Just assess your relationship.
When God wants to bless you He always uses someone and sends someone to bless you and this person/s brings sunshine and peace in your life. When the enemy wants to curse or destroys you he sends a person into your life and they diminish your life; waste your time; energy; focus; reduce or exhaust your resources and diminish your peace and joy.

The time for being still is over. You have to be bold and ask your relationship where did they come from and what is their assignment in your life. I don’t know about you but my purpose and destiny are far too important to allow anyone into my life without qualifying them and you shouldn’t either. You and I have been there before and can’t allow negative people with distractions, dramas, negative issues, jealousy and deceit to abort our purpose and destiny.

Who’s speaking into your life? Many times the people that are suppose to love and protect us are the ones who can be very deceiving. Is it your mother who tells you that you will be like your no-good jailbird father or is it your father who tells you that you are like your mother who is a cheat. Don’t listen to either of those voices because even though you are biologically related your spiritual DNA is flawless. Stay true to your goals and plan to complete your assignments and you will attract the relationship that suppose to be in your life so that you both can be blessings to each other.

God wants us to have right relationships and these relationships will fulfill our purpose. You need to write your goals and visions down and make them plain. When people show up in your life from God they would have similar visions and goals and you will know that they were sent to assist you in your goals and plans which would ultimately bless both of you. However without a vision a person will perish and when a wrong relationship shows up because you were not discipline to write your goals you can’t access this relationship. By the time the dramas and issues are noted in your life you would already be experiencing the distractions, dramas and the negativity of the relationship would have you far removed from your goals. Should you choose to keep the wrong relationship in your life, use wisdom by diminishing their access and influence on your life. Always remember that your destiny should not be left up to chances you take but the choices you make in your relationship. Go To http://www.gurmaydarlington.com to media to purchase digital downloads on ways to prevent unhealthy relationships.

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Gurmay Fraser-Darlington, IMMS, MSW, LCSW, LCAS-A, was born in Guyana, South America, relocated to New York at age 16, and then relocated to North Carolina. She is a single parent with two children. She is an Internet Marketing Professional; a Psychotherapist; a former teacher in the NYC School System, a Certified Motivational speaker with Les Brown, a bestseller author, a Certified Life Coach with Dr. Steven Jones, an artist and is featured on CDBaby.com. She was elected by Cambridge Who's Who as Executive Professional Entrepreneur and Professional of the year 2010- 2011.