The start of a relationship can be a slippery road to navigate. Young lovers can be overwhelmed with their anxiousness and excitement. They tend to over think their new relationship, and sometimes depend on guessing games on what their partner thinks or wants. Since new lovers are taking the course of hit and miss in their new relationship, it’s inevitable that this can sometimes lead to a hefty argument.

Although each relationships can be as unique as fingerprints, there are fundamental rules that can help your budding romance avoid trivial spats and make you experience a smooth start.

Here are you relationship guide to new relationships, so you can begin enjoying each other’s company.

* Do not presume. I hate to say this, girls, but we are usually guilty of this one. We expect that our new beau would know what we want. We have this, “if he loves me, then I don’t need to tell him that...”notion. Expecting that our new boyfriend will know what to do can 100% lead to disappointments. Men are not mind- readers. We need to tell them what we want and don’t want. We need to learn to be upfront with our feelings. So heed this relationship guide.

* Never kiss and tell is relationship guide number two. We usually have this belief that men are more prone to kiss and tell, but in reality, women are more vicious when it comes to breaking this rule. They leave no details unturned when it comes to ‘fessing it up to their girlfriends. I am not dissing the men, there are still jerks out there who can’t help himself from bragging about his latest conquest, but usually with men, when they are serious about the togetherness, their mouth are sealed.

* Lighten-up. Insecurity is at its peak during the beginning of the union. That is because both of you still don’t have a good grasp about each other. This could mean that jealousy can be triggered easily. This is where this rule applies. Don’t pick a fight just because he glanced at the girl with revealing clothes. Likewise, with him, he shouldn’t walk out on you just because you said his best friend looks like Colin Farrell, and he knows you are crazy about Colin Farrell. It’s not like either of you is trying to do it with them, well, unless you are, in which case you should try to think about if you should be with your new boyfriend.

* Do not become clingy. If you are clingy you could end your new romance in a snap. So, stop being a parasite and give each other some space. Avoid smothering your new beau if you want your union to flourish.

* Don’t go ahead of time. Do not talk about wedding gowns, marriages, and kids. It will scare your new man away. This does not mean that he’s commitment phobic, he just wants to enjoy the relationship as it is now... and you should too.

* Be friends with his friends, but don’t dismiss yours. Being friends with your new boyfriend’s pal will be good for him, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget yours. This also means that you should not forget that you have a life before this relationship.

* Set your own rules. The beginning of the relationship is the perfect time to set what it is you want in this union. This means that putting out in the open about what is important in the relationship, and how important it is to you.

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